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  1. I'd like to introduce my second game called "Snowcraft: Winter Battle". It is very simple and addictive game of snowballs. No need connection to the Internet.   Last version: 1.1   https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ru.game_gen.snowcraft     Description: The game will not ask to buy something - no paid content. The game will not display annoying banners from some networks. It does not require an internet connection. It is not like an clash of something or clash of somebody. This game reminds you that winter is coming and there will be Merry Christmas soon and New Year and snowballs and fun and happiness.   Got free time - pelt your opponent with snowballs. As much as you can, as long as you can keep going.   The game has a huge number of advantages: 1. Difficult hooked enduring brain story is missing. 2. Very simple controls - drag, drop, drag, drop, BSOD ... Romance! 3. An infinite amount of snowballs, as, indeed, opponents. You can play long and hard. 4. You can bring down enemy snowball by your snowball. It's hard, but sometimes it turns out. 5. Realistic physics of flight snowballs presents sometimes. 6. Brand new written especially for this game artificial intelligence, suitable to winter weather in the game. 7. Infinitely invigorating music, causing the desire to throw the snowball as far as possible together with the device that you have. 8. Excellent using of flaws (bugs) as advantages (features) - on some devices sometimes the sounds of flying snowballs transformed into the chic echoes of  ricochet. 9. No saving! Only hardcore! 10 ... can continue indefinitely   Warning: be careful! Comrades with blue buckets on their heads will dodge exposing their companions for hit.   Screenshots: [attachment=24695:MainBanner En.jpg] [attachment=24696:Screen1 en.jpg] [attachment=24697:Screen2 en.jpg]
  2. New update - version 1.20.  Corrected a few minor bugs old. Added new.  Now the enemy sometimes makes airstrike, so sometimes you just need tanks moving.
  3. Looking back noticed that Front Line released over year ago, but only now it with it's pseudoreal countries suddenly appear somewhere close to global political trends. Especially want to say - all the happening it is not my fault! And I knew nothing beforehand.
  4. New release: 1.19 1. Wind can be turned off in the settings for easy and normal game. For hard difficulty wind is always on.  
  5. I've released new version 1.18: 1. Some visual improvements applied. 2. Fixed the method of the initial tank positioning.
  6. I've released new version. More stable. Fixed some bugs, and memory leaks.   No criticism and suggestions? No one tried or so bad that no words?
  7. From the album Front Line

  8. From the album Front Line

  9. From the album Front Line

  10. Few days ago I translated my game to china. I thought that the China is unusual country, and I made new screenshots. How do you think which ones is better? Old (see first post) or new (see below)? [table][tr] [td][sharedmedia=gallery:images:3866][/td] [td][sharedmedia=gallery:images:3864][/td] [td][sharedmedia=gallery:images:3865][/td] [/tr][/table]
  11. From the album Front Line

  12. From the album Front Line

  13. From the album Front Line

  14. I'd like to introduce my first game called "Front line". I didn't work with Java at all when I started to write this game. So, for now I think that this game is not excellent yet. But I want that my next games will be better and better. I will be very grateful for the constructive criticism and helpful suggestions. So, here it is:   Last version: 1.20   https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ru.game_gen.front_line_free   Description: United States of Russia (USR) in alliance with United Kingdom of Russia (UKR) has a fierce fighting against Nationalistic Fascistia which treacherously attacked our peaceful land. You can take the campaign and help overcome the treacherous and cruel enemy. Also you can arrange a competition with your friend and play the game together at the same time on the same device. Confrontation between the two groups of tanks on the front line. 2D-game top view on the battlefield. The gameplay is a bit like the game Worms. Features:     play the game together at the same time on the same device in the duel mode,     8 types of military equipment,     9 types of weapons,     different area of battle. You can play this game alone or together with your friend, father and son, grandfather and grandson. You can have fun and train your accurate eye at the same time.   Screenshoots: [table][tr] [td][sharedmedia=gallery:images:3961][/td] [td][sharedmedia=gallery:images:3960][/td] [td][sharedmedia=gallery:images:3959][/td] [/tr][/table]
  15. From the album Front Line

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