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  1. Yea, I get what you mean about non-literal writing though. I like vague and mysterious writing, too. It can feel more meaningful and make you imagine things.
  2. First selfie ever thanks to my new camera-equipped device. This landmark achievement ushers in a new… http://t.co/uaz4OkKurS
  3. RT @_GamingPoint_: Highly recommended read: Japanese approach to game design: http://t.co/A2kyDuHUcJ @williamzwood
  4. Gaming Point- Thanks!   A lot of games do simplify characters' psychology and have really literal dialogue. I think it's part of the trend towards simplification and stylization. I have mixed feelings about that, since I don't like how the goal for many Western developers is trying to recreate reality through a game, but I also think that games might benefit from better dialogue and characterization sometimes.   And I'm just not a fan of dialogue and characters in games that are "SO deep" and "realistic," especially when that is the main selling point of a game. For me, the most powerful characters that I love and identify have been ones that are silent or with limited dialogue, so I have come to believe that game characters shouldn't be treated like characters in movies or books with literally realistic lines and personalities.   Who knows... it is still an emerging field and growing art! Thanks for reading, and I'm glad it connected with you.
  5. Thanks!   I did spend awhile researching and thinking about it :D
  6. Lennus II article on the front page of @gamasutra today, woohoo
  7. Thanks to both of you for reading, glad you enjoyed it.
  8. RT @_Koruto_: Borderlands 2 characters cosplaying (or just had a rough night) as sailor moon @DuvalMagic http://t.co/8ik5I3oILk
  9. well, they didn't directly mention it in the article though. he explain here: http://t.co/Akfg7VFWHE
  10. RT @gamasutra: Making Cafe Murder: The tale of a first-time indie http://t.co/xQx5JQ4MIj
  11. My post about the making of Cafe Murder (Kickstarter etc.) is featured on Gamasutra today: http://t.co/uUi7RsbrzE
  12. My sekaikan article was re-posted on http://t.co/0jLpJmWiw1! Needs peer reviews by members if u're active there http://t.co/TEA20b6x4K
  13. I'm being followed by Opoona @opoonabot yayyyy I love that game
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