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    Thanks for you all for reply that's really help me now i learn from you and i didn't make any game before my topic i was planning.     1) I understand fighting game is hard to make and it's advancer and i am beginners so i start game maker and i created 2d game one is complete and i am stuck in my 2nd game but hopefully i will fix that game issue soon   2) I have tittle knowledge about if else and loops cause i learned  javascript in 2002  but not expert   3) Thanks for suggestion mobile game creating software i will download that software later.   4)in Pakistan there is no good teacher who can help me learn game few insitute there teachers tech Maya software   5) Is C++ is very important for making advance 2d game ?
  2. Just Beginner

    Hello Folks,   I am beginner in making video game so i need your suggestion before making any game first to all i want to know which software easy to create video game like 2D or 3D fighting game and can i develop games by online tutorial and i also want to know software is good for mobile games   And most important question how many type video game development fields/study/Subjects like storyboard, sound tester and there must be more subjects in video game development that i don't know so could you help me like online tutorial or Ebooks or reference some links for game development kindly me suggestion your best answer.     and     Thanks  
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