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  1. Beginner Game developer

    @WavyVirus I get what you're saying. Make a few games to understand how a game engine should be structured for proper game usage. I understand that now. Thanks!
  2. Beginner Game developer

    @WavyVirus   Thank you for the advice. I understand what you're trying to say but doesn't making an engine give you more learning experience? Nether the less, I'll try making a game without trying to create an engine first.   @0r0d   Thanks for the advice! I was planning at some point during next week to start a simple game with my engine but decided to make a game without it. After I finish the game, I'll go back and work on my engine.
  3. Beginner Game developer

    Thank you for your time and answers guys.    I haven't really thought thoroughly about what I want to do.  I Just wanted to start learning as much as I could in the shortest period of time.   I'll have a think about what I want to do and go from there. Again, thanks!
  4. Beginner Game developer

    Hello everyone,   I'm a game developer in-training and a intermediate programmer. I know c#, c++, asp.net and html and I'm learning python, JavaScript, html5 and directx.   Most of what I've learn comes from my attempt to make a cross-platform game engine and level editor. I know I should use free pre-made engines like Unity3D but I feel like I'll learn more by writing my own engine.   But what do you think? Should I quit making my engine and start making simple 2D games? Or should I continue with the confidence that I'm doing something that will be useful to me in future?
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