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    my defective art

    I would love to see a game in this style. Not that I have any suggestions as to what that would be, it'd be nice with a really artistic look, maybe even a bit of surrealism. Could give a very distinct look to make you stand out. Just make sure to work as much on the actual gameplay as the style, I've seen a lot of games with brilliant artwork, that aren't much fun to play.   Keep going man, looking forward to seeing the development here!
  2. lemenhatt

    Feedback on sprites wanted, please

    I like the cleaner new styler better than the previous one. Well done, looks like it could become a quirky little game :) The only thing I notice is that the clouds, while nice and minimalistic, kinda look like place holders, or not as refined as the rest. Maybe build them from a few smaller blocks to give them more of a cumulus-shape, to really accentuate that they're clouds. Just a suggestion :)
  3. lemenhatt

    Name for Concept Character

    When I lived in Australia, I got the sense that several first names was very common. Mainly using just one, of course. Like Graham George Murdoch, Benjamin Philip Ayers, etc. Maybe something in that fashion?
  4. lemenhatt

    How do you design a City?

    There's a plugin for 3dsmax called Greeble, which can generate city blocks for you. You should still do some planning yourself, but this makes it easier to populate your scene with buildings more quickly. Also great for just creating a quick mockup to get it working, then you can refine the scene later on.   Have a look here: http://max.klanky.com/plugins.htm   And here's a tutorial: 
  5. lemenhatt

    Graphic Design Degree...

    A good advice to get motivated is to get very active on forums. There's tons of free help from industry professionals and hobbyists all over. If you haven't already, check out http://forums.cgsociety.org/ . You can also find challenges and other fun things to do in the industry, where people from all levels of skill and experience participate.    That said, like other people on here has said before me, if you're unable to work on this on your free time, without anyone giving you specific deadlines, you probably won't get very far. After I finished my degree, a lot of my class mates had only done the briefs given to us through the course, and tried getting jobs with a showreel consisting only of those, without any luck. That level of work is usually far below the industry standard. So even if you do a course in it, you'll have to work a lot on your own, do other projects, and get into the community, to have a solid showreel when it's time to apply for jobs. I started doing freelance work during my 2nd year, to get more projects in, and a little bit of extra cash of course. Unlike other professions, your degree usually doesn't count for very much. Like Kryzon said, your portfolio is everything.
  6. I agree, plus, the upside of learning high-end packages is that if you should wish to do more complex models in the future, you'll already know the basics of the software, making the learning process onwards a lot less frightening :) 3d software interfaces are daunting at first, so best to get used to them straight away. Plus, you can use it to do cool cut-scenes and stuff using a bit more refined lighting than the in-game one, should you wish to do so.   Keep going man, and if you have any questions about 3d in general, just shoot me a PM. Unfortunately I don't have a lot of experience in Blender, but I've used maya and 3dsmax for years.
  7. There's no shame in using stock models and stuff, plus, when you start building a library of your own models and stock stuff, you can start doing kit bashing. Basically this means you take parts from the various models and put them together to make new ones. Like if one of your models has very well modeled hands, which is a pain to model up and get good edge loops, you can just use that hand for all your other models, making minor adjustmenst if need. Same goes for props, clothing, etc.
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