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  1. Phrostylicious Productions

    Proposal for a Composer's symposium

    Hey Eric   I think that's a wonderful idea and I would be interested in joining that. However, another problem I'm seeing from my end is the time zone thingy. I am in Berlin, Germany (GMT+1) which means I'm 6 hours ahead of EST. :(   But I still wanted to give you feedback and let you know that someone is interested in that idea of your's. :)   Cheers Philipp
  2. Phrostylicious Productions

    Music composer says Hi!

    This tells a great story and loving each part, when you tell a great story without knowing what the composition is about then you have yourself a great peice of music.   Following you!   Aww, thanks, man!! <3
  3. Phrostylicious Productions

    Music composer says Hi!

    Hi Charlie   I'm pretty new to this forum here as well! Nice to see that the community seems to be growing continuously. And since you asked for some tracks, here's a track I've done recently: https://soundcloud.com/phrostylicious/the-awakening   Cheers from Berlin Philipp "Phrosty"
  4. Phrostylicious Productions

    Composer.New member

    Oh, sweet, Tilda! Congratulations! I look forward to listening to your samples.
  5. Phrostylicious Productions

    Composer.New member

    Hi Tilda,   seems we've sorta jumped into this boat at the same time. xD I'm an audio guy from Berlin Germany and always enjoy meeting other "audio creative" people. Also thanks for the link to your demo reel. Great compilation and I really like your clean mix. All the best to you and I look forward to seeing you around here   Phrosty
  6. Phrostylicious Productions

    Audio Producer

    Hello gamedev community     just wanted to drop a quick "hi" as I have also just recently registered with this forum and look forward to being a part of this community. I'm an audio producer ('soundfx' and 'music composition and production') located in Berlin, Germany and whenever time permits I'm always happy to contribute to projects, so don't hesitate to fling me a message.   Here's a link to one of the more recent tracks I've done and if you'd like to you can just click around on my soundcloud page to check out some more stuff.   https://soundcloud.com/phrostylicious/the-awakening     For those of you on Google+, feel free to add me to your circles and if you want to drop me a quick message, if you'd like to be put into a particular circle on my side. My profile is:   https://plus.google.com/103515472280518356435/     Cheers Phrosty    
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