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  1.   What do you mean exactly? While these are my own original compositions and I didn't really try to imitate anybody, I know that they may sound similar to some of the older video game soundtracks. But that's because they are influenced by music I remember from my childhood.   Anyways - thanks for your feedback! I'll make sure that my compositions aren't just copies of already existing ones.       I had to play the game after your post. The soundtrack is great. Especially for the NES!
  2. Thank you guys for your comments! This helps a lot. So I will work on my harmonies and watch out for repetition. I am happy to hear that the overall SNES RPG sound is there.        Funny I have never spend much attention to the Megaman soundtrack but I will take a look as soon as possible.  Besides I have made a Soundcloud account for those who prefere this plattform over youtube.   https://soundcloud.com/musicentertainmentsystem
  3. Hello Everyone! I've made some music inspired by classic video games and would love to get some feedback on my music.  There are already a few tracks on my youtube channel but I will upload a few more anytime soon.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vwHSzEmoGLs&list=PLNAqP6NBBek8vndsMSZyWg6X9bcZ_dPJB   Hope you enjoy my work.