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  1. Endica VII (4-Player Action RPG)

    Our Indiegogo fundraiser has now gone live! [url=][/url] Feel free to share this link with friends! Every little contribution helps!
  2. Endica VII (4-Player Action RPG)

    [url][/url] Our Indiegogo fundraiser goes live tonight at midnight central time!  
  3. Endica VII (4-Player Action RPG)

    Here are a couple of new screencaps! The first one shows off a little action and a little atmosphere with the leaves falling. The other one is displaying the new HUD and the new field of view darkness effect present in some areas! There will be a playable demo within the week, and our Indiegogo fundraiser starts on October 18th!
  4. Endica VII (4-Player Action RPG)

    Thanks! I'm handling most of it by myself, so yeah it is very exhausting! I really appreciate the feedback, let me know what the rest of you guys think!
  5. Hello! I am still new here, my apologies if I posted about this before, but I am creating a 4-Player Cooperative and Versus "Metroid-vania" Action RPG Side Scroller for multiple systems, including PC, Mac, Ubuntu, Android, Iphone, Ouya, and more in 2014! It will have a Single Player Campaign that you can also play Cooperatively and level up over 16 playable characters and several secret characters. There will be a Versus Mode and also tons of Mini-Games within the main quest! The focus for this game is on the characters and the story, while also delivering solid game play. I will update this thread with more information, screenshots, and other updates as they become available. You can also really help us out by voting us up and following us on Steam Greenlight if you would like. I would love to hear your feedback on our project, positive or negative! Thank you for your time and support! You can [b]try the new playable demo and contribute to our campaign[/b] at: [url][/url]  
  6. The Dream King - Co-op Metroidvania

    The playable demo is now available here!
  7. The Dream King - Co-op Metroidvania

    There will be a demo up on June 6th! It will feature Co-op and Versus Modes!
  8. We launched our Kickstarter fundraiser yesterday for our cooperative and versus  "Metroid-vania" indie game called Endica VII The Dream King!  It is being created entirely by myself using my 4-Player Mega Man fan game engine and game maker studio. You can find the demo soon at You can find more details in the link above, but the game will be coming to multiple platforms including Ouya by the end of the year if we meet our goal! The footage is still very early alpha, so try not to be too harsh on the visuals because it's all subject to change! If you are able and willing, I could really use all of the help you can give!! If you can't donate, then you can help by voting YES for us on Steam and by spreading the Kickstarter link! Thank you so very much for all of your support! Nick Ridgway