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  1. I am currently in between my second and third year of university and over the summer a few of us are wanting to get further into android development, with the end goal being putting some apps up on the play store   We figured to do this properly and for it to look as good as possible on both portfolios and CVs we were thinking we might go down the route of registering an official company and making the games through there, however there seems to be a baffling amount of information on how exactly to go about this, the types of business etc, and this is where I need some advice   For instance, would it be better to go down the limited company route, or possibly a buisiness partnership? To give some more background info, there will probably be between 2 and 5 of us in the team and all of us will be equals. I have looked at the government website for this and although it explains the general side of things it doesn't delve into things I might need to know as a games company   I also am willing to be talked out of this if others have considered similar options and decided to not end up starting up a company in the end   Thanks, Matt