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  1. in the menu state, you can start up the embedded message loop. Like this: showMenu:    draw menu;    while(true):       input       logic       draw   break the embedded loop when the menu ended.
  2. Tanks for reply. I thought about server simulation, but it's cost too much cpu for physics simulation as you‘v said.  the second approach is a good idea. I'll try it. thank you.
  3. Hi @Hedman, Great answer! It's helpful...  learning...
  4. you can use a bit map to store the types of candy. the player can change only two of them each time. so you just scan and check the ranks of them.
  5. we know that the js source code of html5 games is visible for player. I want to record the player's score on server. But how to prevent cheating? The player can simulate a http request or change the result with debug mode in chrome.   for example, a physics game: http://wantgame.sinaapp.com/games/diaosiphysics/index.html (It's hard :) )   How can I notify server of the if the player is succeed or not safely?
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