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  1. Amazing first day at #under20! Great breakout sessions from @betabay and @MissGayle!
  2. Matthew Scholz shares his insights on entrepreneurship. Onscreen, some PhDs that advise him... I also spit a few JDs. http://t.co/DZ2xhwoiL1
  3. Great to be in San Francisco for the Thiel Under 20 summit! http://t.co/UbQBnmDtwv
  4. Overheard in San Fran: NDAs aren't like STDs... Just 'cause I have one with you and one with them doesn't mean I can share it.
  5. Hey guys,    I'm with Appfuel and we're excited to invite you to our launch party!    We're an game distribution and monetization company that can help do you both with one SDK. Instead of guessing and waiting to switch between free cross promotion and getting paid, we let you do both at once, and letting you choose which you want to grow more.    Interested? Check us out at: http://appfuel.me/closed/event
  6. RT @cathyxhan: Mary Meeker's 2013 Internet Trends, insightful as always. http://t.co/OAHvFAk0St