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  1. When I attended the Defcon convention here in Las Vegas, Nevada.  There was a little game that was played in the convention center.  It was called "Spot the FED".  Basically a person would chose someone in the crowd and ask that person if he or she "worked for the Government in any branch private or public"  I guess the person is forced to tell the truth.  The problem is it probably can pop spys and internationals that adhere to that code and the person that called the FED out is a spy as well.  That is why they should say "Do you work for the U.S. government...."
  2. I sat down and thought about it while chewing on a can of Pringles.  At first I had an itch to download Visual C++ for Windows from a torrent, but I did not put my pirate hat on because I thought there was a legal way to solved my issue.  There was something that I did not like about using mingw for Win32 that I did not like.  I pondered about it and Delphi and Ada came into my head.  Ada has a legal issue using Win32.  The express version of Visual C++ has a problem with distrubuting the compiled executable.  It is supposed to stay on the machine that compiles it.  Delphi does not have that issue, but it is not free.  I then looked at Pascal and found out that free pascal is around and it does have support for win32.  It is free too.  I just have to learn pascal.  The last time I used pascal was on the commodore 64 and it was on cartirdge called "Oxford Pascal".  Yes, who would have thought that Pascal has a debut in the movie Tangled.   Links:[ http://www.freepascal.org/] [http://www.afterwarp.net/products/asphyresphinx3] [http://imaginglib.sourceforge.net/ ]  
  3. That is a bad news thing to me.  I used to service dell laptops as a profession and it is easy to replace the cracked LCD screen as long as the parts were available.
  4. Google secretly keeps a stored cache of webpages.  Awhile back a person could fall back on a earlier site if the site was no longer available.
  5. Okay.  I think you are trying to use the force of water to obtain maximim growth by penetration.  I am not a water guy.  I am a stone guy.  Lightning will be your opponent.   In terms that can be understood.  Specializing in one thing is good.  Just may sure you are comfortable with what you think will take you far into your studies.
  6. http://museemecaniquesf.com/   I wonder if people program simulations of mechanical games.  I remember seeing an example of a OpenGL gear simulation.  I am sure that combustion engines may be simulated as well.  I think it would be interesting to put them in a form of a game somehow.
  7. This can be used to hide a message in plain view and it may be indexed in a search engine.  For example: porno in rot 13 is cbeab.  Running 'cbeab' on google does come up with some results. 'TBQ' or GOD does too but it is not a popular technique.
  8. Area 51 I was in a state of remorse when I pleasure drove from Las Vegas to Utah to iron out my emotions. There was something different about the drive. I saw a trailer park to the left side with a radar array there. To the right side of the highway there was A guard post with a bunch of cars lined up to enter. There was military guards behind a wire fence that wore masks. I turned around and drove through the trailer park for a little look. I saw a highway patrol car parked by one of the trailers. I just drove off back to Las Vegas. I think I was in some sort of shroud called "gun smoke". It was by the ATF gunnery on the highway. I thought about it and I think that was Area 51 because it was behind the US Air base. I laugh now because I think it is just the National Guard entrance. I do not think anyone here knows where the National Guard Base is in Las Vegas. I think it is in the Great Basin. That also reminds me that the rumor of the Janus plane flying people to Area 51 is false. People can just drive there. The Janus plane from McCarran Airport goes somewhere else. Stupid Channel 13 News with George Knapp. Those people that have a duty to their country go there every month by car. I do not think people will even know how to look for it. I just have this feeling because of long drives interstate are hypnotizing. Just remember not to cross the line at the guard post because it is not top secret but a restricted area. I think the people in those trailer parks got come good satellite television reception.
  9. You are thinking too hard.  A class is just a lump of things that have a direct relationship to each other.  You would define the class as an array to get your 5 objects.
  10. To search a database of data, it is quick to do with a binary tree.  Some people actually use a SQL database which I think is overkill.
  11. It seems like you are trying some technique that some computer viruses use.  They would have compile the code and distribute it.  I do not know of any C++ compiler that is free and small. 
  12. I do not think it will work.  You are looking into data relationships not the actual trig function.  It isn't a math algorithm it is an object algorithm.
  13. Hello.  I am trying to write a little something just for personal business.  I looked at free C++ compilers and well the problem is Visual C++ does not legally let me distribute the executable.  Everyone went to Linux to use free compilers.  I did not like them because Linux now has a problem running in a virtual.  I am thinking about just making a "virtual module" with freedos and people just load it on in a virtual to run.  It seems that with all the free stuff now it still is not good for creating the game.