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  1. Quick question I had today.

    Ok thanks that basically told me what i needed to know so i should try another way of doing it then.
  2. Hey I was just wondering if it is possible to scan a picture (lets say a .jpg) and scan it to look for a specific thing in the picture.     For example lets say i have a folder with 100+ .jpg files that and i want to scan them all for the word "One Piece" so that they can be filtered out to a sub folder called "One Piece".         With Python as the language being used. (If not Python then name one that could do it)
  3. Controllers

    I agree it would be nice.
  4. A proper way for help screen?

    I haven't messed around with this but just by reading it. I would try and entire sprite and if that doesn't work quite the way you need it then move onto the individual sprites for more control even if the code looks "hackish".
  5. The Week of Awesome: Unofficial GDNet Competition

    pls do i want to do these
  6. The Week of Awesome: Unofficial GDNet Competition

    Will more of these be held?
  7. If you are looking for a book for Python use this I have and it help me alot.
  8. That will help.   Now do you want to like program it from like the ground up or are you look more at something like UDK or Unity?
  9. Making a 2d fighter

    I think this might be in the wrong section.
  10. Where to start make game?

    This is also something I have considered, but isn't that more for artists.   I may be wrong.
  11. Where to start make game?

    I recommend python it is what i have decided to stick with for now and it isn't too bad.   One tip from me would be no matter what language you decide stick with it.   I lost so much time trying to figure out what language I was going to use that I went through JS, C#, Lua, C++, python.
  12. Question with Modules and Classes

    Oh okay thanks
  13. So I have been reading Learn Python The Hard Way 3rd edition, and I have recently gotten to Ex 40 which covers Modules, Classes, and Objects. Now to my understanding Modules and Classes do the same thing just with a different way of doing it.    So my question is: Is there a reason to use a Module over a Class?   The reason I ask is Modules seem easier to write and call compared to classes for me.