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  1. Not-So-Super Mario - My first go at game development

    Hello again,   Thanks for the positive feedback. I'm glad that you seem to like it and it certainly gives me reason to press on with it, or other games, in the future.   Regarding the use of the Mario graphics I suppose you're right so I've removed the download links from the blog.   The mario graphics were only used so I could get the thing up and running and looking somewhat presentable in a reasonable time. I was, after all, only developing this in my spare time to learn about basic games development and so didn't want to spend forever putting together graphics. I had no interest in ever distributing a finished game and only uploaded it here so that I could get some informed opinions on how it was going.  Anyway, I've taken it down now.   Thanks again for the feedback!
  2. Not-So-Super Mario - My first go at game development

    I thought it would be OK since it was just for my own educational purposes?   p.s. Are you referring to the videos or the actual download?
  3. Hello,   I've recently started to play around with games development in my spare time. I've worked as a developer for many years, but in non-games sectors, so thought it would be fun to give it a go.   My first project was to make a Super Mario clone. I thought that this would be the simplest place to start. I've based this one on the levels from Super Mario World on SNES.   The game is by no means finished but it's at a stage where people can take a look and see what they think of it. It currently has 3 levels, each one introduces some new features, as well as a level editor.   It's written in C++ using SDL.   Videos of the game in action, along with download links are available on my blog, here   http://mindguerrillas.blogspot.co.uk/2013/05/not-so-super-mario.html   Please take a look and see what you think.   Thanks   
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