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  1. Awesome, thanks! Browse by genre is definitely on our to-do list.
  2. Yeah, that's a really good point. We'll have to come up with the best way to do this. Right now it's not totally clear if people are totally new to development or pretty experienced unless they have a staff tag or provide that info in their profile. We were thinking something like a badge system, which staff can assign to people if they successfully show that they're skilled in a particular area. But it's worth pondering!
  3. Thanks for checking out and for the feedback! We're planning on adding some team-creation type tools on the site that will allow people to team up. You have a good point about the different experience levels in users... a lot of people have suggested an XP system or something so savvy users or very active users are easier to identify.
  4. A month or so ago a few users on the Lounge found a project that we had been working on at Schell Games called GameSprout. At the time, we'd just entered open beta, and a few people had questions for me, but I was also doing a lot of traveling so the thread moved slowly. The site has been in beta since the end of May, and it's located here:   http://www.gamesprout.com/   Since then I've been lurking a bit on this site, and one of our artists suggested I should post a thread and mention GameSprout again. I wanted to talk about it in Design because this is the place people often come for design feedback. That is a big part of what I personally do on the GameSprout site, and a big part of the site's mission in general.   People are really tired of having to say "no one cares about your game idea" to people who have enthusiasm but no clue about how a game is made. On the other hand, people who have game ideas often don't know what the process is for creating a game. GameSprout is trying to solve both of those problems by having a place where people can post their games and organize them by idea. We're providing feedback to people who post their ideas and the best ideas get voted on. From there Schell Games and the community on GameSprout can add prototypes and artwork to the more popular or interesting ideas.   We're still working on what the ultimate goal is for the site. Originally we had a lot of plans to just take the top voted ideas and create them in-house. But we're seeing more developers coming to the site who want to work on their ideas and just use GameSprout as a way to connect with potential collaborators (or players), and we want to support them too. Right now the site is 100% free to use, though you do have to be 18 or older or have parental permission because there may in future be a profit-sharing element on the games made there.   Do you think this is something designers would find useful? How can we make it more useful?
  5. AJLange

    GameSprout, a community game development site

    Gosh, sorry it took me so long to get back to this - international travel and I lost track.   I'm not the company's lawyer, and he was the one who drafted those terms. My understanding here is that it was necessary to word them this way just to give us the freedom we need to work on games. Our intentions are good ones but we also want to avoid getting burned by someone who put their idea up but then wants to say later that we stole it when in fact they gave it freely with the hopes of collaborating with us.   At most, the kind of thing that something would turn up in is for example I am making a YouTube video to showcase GameSprout and during that we may show elements of the site, which might include user-created art, but I am being as careful about that as I can.
  6. AJLange

    GameSprout, a community game development site

    Hi all! I know this thread has been quiet since yesterday, but someone brought it to my attention. I'm actually the Community Manager at GameSprout and I'll be happy to answer any questions you actually have about it if you're interested. (Just a warning that I'm out of the country and not at my usual office desk, so I might be a touch slow in doing so compared to my normal response time.)   To address the concept: it's totally true that most people say "the game idea by itself is worthless." But there's a lot of reasons why we're trying a different approach. For one thing, the people who have "that great game idea," but just aren't sure how to get started making it, aren't really going to stop existing just because their idea is impractical. I'm sure people who develop have all heard "I have a great idea for a game..." at some point. A lot of times people just aren't sure where to get started, so one of the biggest roles that GameSprout serves is that of education - helping people to refine their ideas, and letting them see just how much it takes to actually get a game made from a small idea. Even people whose ideas aren't getting voted up get the chance to see games made in real-time and the discussion that goes on openly about those concepts - discussion that might frequently occur behind the scenes in a more closed project.   As for other questions, skilled programmers or artists can volunteer their time, but we also have full-time game devs working for the site providing content to the top-voted ideas. This doesn't mean we'll work on every idea on the site or that every idea we work on will become a full-fledged game, but it does mean that people can see what ideas get traction, what ideas aren't fleshed out well enough to actually make, and what ideas turn out to be fun or not-fun after being prototyped.   On a personal level, I find this project really exciting!
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