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  1. SplitMonsters

    The game is only working in Chrome browser at this stage. Don't try to open it in any other browser. The saving of high scores is now working. Kaizen
  2. SplitMonsters

    I have added som more time to the game so it should be easyer to get a better score,   Ok , now the game is working in IE 10 too. But some of the sounds is missing , and you may experience some lag if you have a slow computer.   The game can be found here.   I will be thankfull for all feedback.   Kaizen
  3. SplitMonsters

    Tnx mipmap for feedback.   The keys to play the game are 'wasd' for moving the cursor , and the four arrow keys to move the block under the cursor. More instructions on how to play the game can be found here, and will soon be added to the help menu option.   The game is in a 700*700 window. You have the option in browsers to zoom , to make the window fit your settings. I will turn scrolling off.   The astroid ide is good, but not my nr 1 priority.   Kaizen
  4. SplitMonsters

    Hello.   I'm curently working on a re-make of an old C-64 puzzle game and at this stage i putting it on a web site to get som feedback. I havent spent much time bug fixing or balancing the game, so I will be thankfull for all feedback.   Instructions on how to play can be found under the forum link. The game run best with Crome browser. Hope you enjoy it.   http://spellblock.com   Kaizen   Eh , the game runs only in Crome at this stage...