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  1. Porkchop here~!   I'm an avid game developer and I spend an embarrassing amount of time scribbling down and concepting ideas for all sorts of different games.  There's a lot more to learn about me, but I'm just a giant geek first and foremost.  I'm looking for a partner in crime; specifically a pixel artist with a passion for games and bringing their ideas to fruition!  I have a lot of ideas and I would love to have someone to bounce them back and forth with.  We can grow our portfolios and create some magnificent games together!  All I ask is a certain degree of dedication to any projects we decide to work on and a reasonable amount of time devotion.  If you are interested, feel free to message me with some information about yourself and a little sample of your pixel art!  I'd like to get started on some projects right away and I'm looking for someone who's serious about this!   Thanks in advance and I look forward to teaming up!
  2. PorkchopDonut

    2D Graphic Designer Needed!

    A friend of mine and I are turning our concept of a new game into a reality and are in desperate need of a graphic designer.  The art we will need to have done will be mostly 2D murals for card art, as well as the card images themselves and the map the cards will be placed on.  Think Magic: the Gathering kind of.  And Mage Wars :P   There may be slightly more to work on later on, but as of right now, we just need someone who is motivated, devoted, and willing to put forward their best effort.  In addition, you will have an assistant graphic designer helping you along the way;  With communication, you two can collaborate however you choose.  You are the boss.  For more information or to inquire, contact me at PorkchopDonut@gmail.com or send me a message on here.  Feel free to ask questions or make suggestions!  Thank you! Below are some conceptual mockups and ideas to give you a taste of what you'll be working with.   [attachment=20326:IMAG01571.jpg]  [attachment=20327:IMAG01581.jpg]  [attachment=20328:IMAG01591.jpg]  [attachment=20329:IMAG01601.jpg]  [attachment=20330:IMAG01611.jpg]  [attachment=20334:IMAG01651.jpg]  [attachment=20331:IMAG01621.jpg]  [attachment=20332:IMAG01631.jpg]  [attachment=20333:IMAG01641.jpg]
  3. Hoping someone jumps on my proposition!
  4. PorkchopDonut

    SwagDungeon Assistance; Graphic Design / XNA (C#)

      First of all, thank you! I've spent a lot of time and thought into this game and its concept, so the sentiment is greatly appreciated!   And ah, I see now...  I'll keep this in mind in the future.   The combat system is real time, similar to how you would picture a side-scrolling Borderlands or Torchlight (those are actually the reactants of some of my concepting for this game fyi!).  WASD and the mouse are all you need to move around and shoot.  I never really gave blocking or reacting to attacks in any way much thought, but now that you've planted the idea, I'm starting to like the idea.  Like a block button that, when pushed at the right time, will allow you to counterattack.  If pushed slightly sooner or later than the golden moment, it will simply allow you to defend yourself.  As a drawback, however, blocking prevents you from attacking for a short "animation" time, as the makers of Dota 2 would put it.  Speed stat will have a big impact on this though, since obviously a faster player can evade slower monsters inherently well.  On top of that, a press of the block button and a direction will result in the player's dodging in that direction (B + < = a fast jump to the left).     As for the player's combat abilities, chalk it up to a primary attack (swinging with melee, firing with ranged), secondary attack - - special for melee weapons (i.e. Sledge hammer slammed into the ground, resulting in a ring of elemental damage around the player), melee attack with ranged weapons - - , blocking, dodging, and throwing grenades or harnassers.   I haven't given much thought to combos or variations in weapon abilities, though I am already in the works with a leveling system for weapons...  Couldn't hurt to mess with the code to incorporate special abilities that can be attained using Modules.   And for your first question, I'm not entirely sure how to answer that...  I think you were referring to the actual controls, which I explained up above...  Otherwise, I guess you could mean to ask how the player is involved in the combat itself...  To which the answer would be the player is the center of the combat.  Monsters with melee weapons will chase the player and attack them as soon as they can and ranged monsters will stay within a certain distance of the player while still attacking, ergo the camera and movement of the battle itself makes the player the focal point.   Thanks again!
  5. Hey guys!     It's obvious I'm extremely new to GameDev, but after flipping through the topics and spending a little time dabbling in the posts, I feel I fit to a T!  Although, it's rather discouraging to see a lot of posts asking for ideas or help with games with only 5 or 6 replies...  Here's to hoping that isn't always the case, because I'm about to jump on that train;   Enter SwagDungeon.  No, that is not the real name of the game; it's only temporary while I work on it and shape it from a beta baby to an updated rockstar!  I'm writing it using C# / XNA.  I prefer using Visual Studio when I program, just because of the way everything is laid out.  Ease of use and all that jazz.  The game is intended for PC and Xbox 360, though I'm planning on keeping it geared toward the PC gaming community,   SwagDungeon can simply be defined as a Totally-Random-Side-Scrolling-Dungeon-Crawling-Looter.  Everything from floor generation to loot drops is completely randomized; monsters, weapons, pickups, dungeons, etc.  The player begins by picking one of four (an arbitrary number; subject only to increase) player classes, all of which specialize in certain skills.  The classes determine which player stats will automatically get a stat point thrown in them upon leveling up (on top of the 2 [also arbitrary] extra stat points the player can use for stats of their choice).  From there, they are dumped into the first "floor," which really just consists of a single dungeon, in which exists a chest that the player receives their first randomized weapon from.  A randomized monster breaks through the wall, the player kills it, and they receive their first bit of randomized loot.  Loot can come in a few different forms; there's ammunition (fairly straightforward; guns and bows need to shoot things), power sources (a little more abstract; each weapon is either powered by one of three power sources [also arbitrary], or not powered at all), grenades (nothing but fun!), harnassers (basically throwable objects that harness the power of the elements to do really badass things), and modules (used to upgrade weapon stats).  This leads them to the second floor, where another weapon chest exists, more monsters are fought, and more loot is found.  This goes on until floor 10, where the player encounters their first boss, which holds the coolest, rarest loot the player has found since starting the game.     This is the basic concept of SwagDungeon and as of right now, I have all the code for the core mechanics of the game (complete randomization, weapon and item generation, player, monster, and floor creation).  I'll be honest, there's no clear direction the game is headed in, and stands to have many more ideas thrown into it...  Therefore, I am calling out for assistance, help, and brainstorming to all those who will lend their intelligence.  I am also in terrible need of a graphic designer to get the artwork for this game off it's butt.  I have absolutely zero experience with spriting and graphic design and am therefore useless when it comes to the game's art.  I have tons of concept art and lots of ideas for what I would like the game to look like, and I will post it below.  I'm going for a pixel look, and a great example of the kind of art I'm aiming for would be the kind showcased in one of my favorite mobile games, Defenders of Texel (http://mobage.com/games/dot-defender-of-texel)   I unfortunately will not be posting any of the code I'm using for the game, because I am not sure how trustworthy some of the folks on this forum are, so I will simply stick to concept art and brainstorming notes.   Again, any assistance is welcome and encouraged, and those who directly assist me with my game will be rewarded (I'm thinking cameos in the credits, in-game appreciation, and custom weapon naming? [Contact me for other incentive ideas as well]).  If you have any questions, comments, or ideas you would be more comfortable discussing in a private setting, email me at PorkchopDonut@gmail.com.  Also, feel free to check out my blog to keep up with my updates on my programming (loganwillis.com).  Thanks in advance and please, if you read over this, give me something to work with.  A simple, "Cool ideas, bro" would sate my hunger for feedback!   Many thanks! Logan "Sole Producer" Willis     My brainstorming notes: [attachment=16123:IMAG0478.jpg][attachment=16124:IMAG0479.jpg][attachment=16125:IMAG0480.jpg][attachment=16126:IMAG0481.jpg][attachment=16127:IMAG0482.jpg][attachment=16128:IMAG0483.jpg][attachment=16129:IMAG0484.jpg][attachment=16130:IMAG0485.jpg][attachment=16131:IMAG0486.jpg]   Concept art for the monsters: [attachment=16132:IMAG0487.jpg][attachment=16133:IMAG0488.jpg][attachment=16134:IMAG0490.jpg][attachment=16135:IMAG0492.jpg][attachment=16136:IMAG0494.jpg][attachment=16137:IMAG0495.jpg][attachment=16138:IMAG0496.jpg][attachment=16139:IMAG0498.jpg][attachment=16140:IMAG0489.jpg][attachment=16141:IMAG0499.jpg][attachment=16142:IMAG0500.jpg][attachment=16143:IMAG0501.jpg]
  6. PorkchopDonut

    SwagDungeon Assistance; Graphic Design / XNA (C#)

      Yes, I do need an idea guy!  Or at least a co-idea guy XD       Yeah, it is fairly random right now.  Like I said, my game needs a little oomf right now.  The battle system is fairly non-existent right now, so uber interesting is something it dreams of being right now  And player skill is tested.  the equations used to generate monsters are based on the player's level.  So obviously, lower level players are going to have a piece of cake laid out in each dungeon, farming xp until they get up to higher levels, where the modifiers and multipliers affect the monster stats so much more greatly, therefore applying more of a challenge to the player.     That item is a great idea...  A particle-porter...  And you have the option of either using it to steal the item out or phasing an item in, like a grenade or a harnasser and causing massive damage before even stepping foot in the room!  I like that!  As for the room-scanning, I want to keep a certain degree of surprise in the game, so the dungeons are randomly generated, placed, and constructed when the player enters the floor.  They are then inhabited individually when the player enters the dungeon and can therefore contain different monsters every time the player re-enters the dungeon.  This gives a nice blend of hostile vs. not-inherently-hostile monsters.  Also, as of right now, every tenth floor contains a boss monster, so that is one thing that is slightly predictable.     As for combat, code-wise right now it consists of the player attacking monsters until they die.... But my vision is that the player enters the room: if it's a non-hostile monster, it's just chilling.  The player can either provoke an attack or let the monster go about its merry way, grabbing their loot and leaving.  If it's a hostile monster, as soon as it turns and sees the player (or smells them, depending on the monster), it is hauling ass to try and kill them.  Therefore, the player is left with a fight or flight response.  If the monster that is randomized is a lower level than the player, there is more than one monster spawned upon room entry (up to a maximum of three).  Therefore, to sum it all up, combat as of right now is slightly optional given the situation and is mashed into the rest of the game, so there's no cutscenes before battles start or any special attention given to them (save for the boss battles, which are an exception to everything I said).   By the way, thank you for your input!  Over a hundred people looked at this and no one said anything until you did!  So thanks!  You're definitely getting some props.
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