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  1. Super Game Asset – Final week of Holiday 2017 Sale. Store wide 25% OFF Final week sale includs game icons, game environments, game maps, character sprites and more will be reduced by 25% OFF. This limited offer is availble for one more week, ends 15th of January 2017.     www.supergameasset.com
  2. Super Game Asset – Christmas Sale 2016 store wide 25% OFF for the holiday season. This limited time offer include game icons, game environments, game maps, character sprites and more will be reduced in price for this holiday season. This limited offer if available between 1st of December 2016 until 15th of January 2017. www.supergameasset.com    
  3. yinakoSGA

    Game Asset Christmas Sale upto 50% OFF

    Our best icons also on sale.   Animal Jelly Candy     Fruit Lollies  
  4. yinakoSGA

    Top 10 Best 2D Game Asset Sites

    2D games are making a big come back with the proliferation of mobile games, HTML5 and major support of big publishers. Producing them now have been much easier than before with tools like Unity and help of online 2D Game Asset stores. Below is a list of top 10 2D games asset stores you can find online, not ranked in any order. Some commercial and some free. ** Not ranked in any order ** 1. Unity Asset Store (commercial) Biggest commercial game assets site. No you don't have to use the Unity engine to use games assets offered on the Unity asset store, you can simply download a free copy of Unity and download assets through the Unity asset store online. Game assets will be imported into Unity, and the files will be saved into your Unity project folder. You can use the saved game assets in any 2D game engine. Many people may not know Unity is a very successful 2D game engine, in the hands of professional game developers. Amazing variety of highly successful 2D games have been created such as Rovio's smash hit, Bad Piggies. The integrated asset store offers a large range of 2D assets designed to make well use of Unity's 2D physics engine. https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/ 2. GameDev Market (commercial) GameDev Market is quite a new entry, like Super Game Asset it is very well organised into different categories. The offer both 2D and 3D including Game UI, character sprites, icons and environments. It is a market so all assets are artist submissions and it is growing very quickly. https://www.gamedevmarket.net/ 3. Graphicriver - Game Assets (commercial) Graphicriver is the world's most popular stock image resource, with the proliferation of casual games on mobile they have recently started a specific category just for game assets, and it is all 2D. This is a trustable source for quality game resources as all assets will be reviewed by envato internally before getting listed on the site. Plus you have community review on the sources as well. It is a constantly-growing source with great support from envato. http://graphicriver.net/category/game-assets 4. Scirra Store (commercial) Scirra is the developer of Construct 2, a popular HTML5 2D game editor and they now have their own game asset store. You don't have to use them in Construct 2 it is perfectly okay to use in any 2D editor really. The game assets are categorized in graphics, sound, music and even game templates which can help you start a new game quickly in Construct 2. https://www.scirra.com/store 5. Game Art Partners (commercial) Plenty for 2D platform games. This site has plenty of 2D game assets for you. All assets are very cartoon styled and include large collections of characters with animations, monsters, weapons, effects and user interface kits well suited for platform games. http://gameartpartners.com/ 6. Super Game Asset (commercial) Best for RPG Games. If you are creating your own RPG or isometric games, Super Games Asset store has the highest quality 2D games assets you can buy online. They offer awesome RPG game icons (these are probably the best you can purchase directly online), 2D sprites, character animation sprites, and huge hand painted RPG game maps in isometric view. Majority of game assets here are visually consistent. http://www.supergameasset.com 7. Open Game Art (free) The definitive place for open source games. This place is most likely the biggest online community for free licenced game assets. There is a large selection of game assets all submitted under GNU or Creative Commons licences, you can find anything from sprites to icons. It is a great place to start if you are a beginner or just require prototyping game assets. Not all visual styles are consistent though, so you'll need to find and match. http://opengameart.org/ 8. Kenny Game Assets (free) This is another good source for prototyping a game, there are over 20,000+ game assets on this site. It includes various user interface assets, common 2D platform game assets and sprites. Best of all most assets are vector graphics, so it is resolution independent and can be used on any device's screen. Most assets are free to download separately or you can give a small $9 donation to download the whole 20,000 asset pack. http://kenney.nl/assets 9. Game-Icons.net (free) best free icon only site, game-icons.net offer a really comprehensive set of icons, in fact over 2000 different variations of monochromatic icons. I say monochromatic because all of the icons here are in black and white but still very generic enough to be used in just about any game. It's a great source to search everything from actions icons, health, potion, character skills, weapons, items. Best of all it's all in vector format. http://game-icons.net/ 10. Reiner's Tilesets (free) Best free tileset site. The game assets on this site are well suited for games with isometric view, Reiner have sprites for animals, plants, buildings, weapons, visual effects and just about every general object to populate an RPG world. The style are more realistic, along the lines of Diablo 2. It is a great place to start game development and test out RPG game engines as all assets are free. http://www.reinerstilesets.de/en/
  5. yinakoSGA

    Top 10 Best 2D Game Asset Sites

    Hi, that's okay I have updated article to reflect this.
  6. yinakoSGA

    Top 10 Best 2D Game Asset Sites

    Hi, actually I didn't not meant to rank them, just point out all 10 and numbered them. I put all the commercial ones at the top and free ones at the bottom. I have edited to make this clear.
  7. yinakoSGA

    Game Asset Christmas Sale upto 50% OFF

    village map images     http://www.supergameasset.com/beginner-village-map-pack-game-asset.html
  8. yinakoSGA

    Game Asset Christmas Sale upto 50% OFF

    Yes the hand painted RPG maps all have Photoshop layered files, buildings, trees and other prop items are on separate layers so you can place them anywhere. 
  9. All 2D Game Assets at Super Game Asset will be reduced upto 50% OFF for the holiday season. This limited time offer include game icons, game environments, game maps, character sprites and more will be reduced in price for this holiday season. This limited offer if available between 5th of December 2015 until 31st of January 2016. Visit www.supergameasset.com for the 2D game asset sale
  10. This new major release is based on our long time customer response by providing more customisable game maps and UI templates. As a part of this release we are also introducing more variety of commonly used sprites with large resolutions. We hope you enjoy this new release, and have fun making your game.   New Beginner Village Map Pack   Beginner Village RPG map pack is designed to use for starting RPG home town, or village styled game map. The map is a large 2560 x 2560 PSD file, element on the map are separated into 218 layers and grouped logically. Game designers can customise the map by adding or remove trees, rocks, buildings and more. The map also feature natural walk path to all village buildings on the map, as well as defined entry and exit points into and from the map.   This map pack is also release free test map, game designers can download and try out the map before purchase. Just head over to our FREE section to download the test map.     http://www.supergameasset.com/beginner-village-map-pack-game-asset.html   New RPG UI Template   As a first on the market Super Game Asset have created an entire game UI template kit, RPG Game UI template is a complete set of game UI templates, designed to be used for fantasy RPG/MMORPG game. This Package includes 17 PSD file that forms a very flexible game user interface, including character creation, inventory, character properties, crafting system and many more. Game designer can use it as a final solution or prototyping UI template, each UI template is well structured and layered for further editing, it has the pixel quality required for mobile and tablet games. Pack includes bonus game logo and login background!     http://www.supergameasset.com/epic-rpg-ui-game-asset.html   New Tree Sprite Pack   Game designers can choose all new 132 tree sprites from Super Game Asset store, these high resolution tree sprites are designed to be place in game maps. The new sprites are featured in several new products including Happy Trees 3, Cartoon Trees 1, Cartoon Trees 2, Real Trees 3 and Deco rocks.      http://www.supergameasset.com/game-environment-sprite/trees      
  11. yinakoSGA

    Making 2D Images

    Hi,   if you do not discover you have talented art skills or just in need of stock game assets you can check the list below. It is a skill to create products using third party assets and tools, which is really what game making involves. Theres no harm find out yourself how it is create (the long way), and then understand what to use (the short cut), just my 2 cent. Game Asset Resource list Commercial Game Assets   2D Icons, Sprites and GUI Super Game Asset Indie Game Stock Graphic Buffet Graphics 4 Games   3D Model and Textures Unity Asset Store Turbo Squid 3D Model-Textures 3Dart 3D Magic Models Unity Magic Arteria 3D GameTextures CG Textures   Free/Community driven Open Game Art Free Game Arts Lost Garden free game arts Reiners Tile Sets
  12. yinakoSGA

    Male Warrior Animation Sprite Pack from SGA

    Thanks, Our products is always more cost effective than to produce the same art resource than commission, in other words it you were to hire someone to do the work on a contract or hourly rate it will cost much more, in fact around 5-10 times more.If you think about it most game artist who have an experience it will cost at around $100/day or much more, and if you think about how much art you can create with that rate, then looking at buying game assets and resources is good option :)
  13. yinakoSGA

    Male Warrior Animation Sprite Pack from SGA

    Here is a video of the character when equipped with a weapon, weapon layer is added on top of the character layer.       
  14. Super Game Asset have just released a new Male Warrior animation sprite pack.  We have also released a free sample pack for all who are interested.   - Retina display - swapable weapons - 8 isometric direction/animation   About this release: As a first on the market Super Game Asset have created an entire new character package, consist of character animations and weapons for the EPIC RPG serie.    This unique package is a first in a series of characters with interchangeable weapons, this means weapons designed for a character package can be equipped on and off for any animation of the character. Have a character running with an axe, or doing a magic attack with a sword, not a problem.    Download Link  
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