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    Viewback - A Video Game Design Tool

    Nop, haven´t sent any email
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    Viewback - A Video Game Design Tool

    Hi, i really like this idea and i´m trying to implement it on my engine right now to do some tests, however i've found some issues and i hope you could help me.   1.- I have a 4.4.4 nexus 5 and the client app it´s not working there :( 2.- I have already followed the implementation instructions, connected with the windows client application and it seems to be working, however i can´t see any data channel. 3.- As a comment, maybe is a good idea to remark that when you want to release all the objects after calling vb_server_shutdown() you also need to call vb_util_initialize() again in order to release the allocated memory.   That's it for now, i hope someone could guide me a little with this issues. :)
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