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    Viewback - A Video Game Design Tool

    Nop, haven´t sent any email
  2. NeonGE

    Viewback - A Video Game Design Tool

    Hi, i really like this idea and i´m trying to implement it on my engine right now to do some tests, however i've found some issues and i hope you could help me.   1.- I have a 4.4.4 nexus 5 and the client app it´s not working there :( 2.- I have already followed the implementation instructions, connected with the windows client application and it seems to be working, however i can´t see any data channel. 3.- As a comment, maybe is a good idea to remark that when you want to release all the objects after calling vb_server_shutdown() you also need to call vb_util_initialize() again in order to release the allocated memory.   That's it for now, i hope someone could guide me a little with this issues. :)
  3. NeonGE

    Network Programming

    Try forwarding the port 11235 from your modem to your machine IP using the modem configuration UI
  4. Search in goolge for "color key"
  5. There isnt any problem, right now im doing exactly this, just create a texture that can store your backbuffer, get your backbuffer with a mono type and use D3DXLoadSurfaceFromSurface, then save your texture.
  6. OK, i made myself this question once when i was working with DICOM images, but the answer is not that complicated, actually you can only send 8 bits of grey to your monitor, the easy way of make what you want to do is "scale" your values to create your texture. In my case (i dont know if this is your case), the images do have more information that cannot be seen unless you change your ranges, but you always take only 8 bits to draw
  7. NeonGE

    Yasser Arafat has been pronounced dead.

    Quote: If you don't have a motivating factor for the people to fight then they won't. That's the very reason patriotism exists. Without it, your leaders wouldn't be able to goad you into fighting if you didn't believe in the cause. With patriotism or religion, the cause doesn't have to matter as much. Rather than using the cause to get people to fight, you use thier patriotism and religion. I call this "patroterism", but yes, this is right The word "jihad" could be used in the same way Bush use the phrase "War on Terrorism", so i agree to the given mean of "holy war"
  8. Well, i believe you are talking about 2D collision detection, it depends on a lot of factors, like, if you are using a tile based map, or if you want to make an exact collision detection for something. I think you need to specify your problem a bit
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