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  1. Sound Efx Designer - new to forums

    A jerk? ok, apologies..   Many of groovy's points I thoroughly disagree with and seemed like he was simply bashing my work. There was no reverb used so whatever he heard at 48 seconds (there were no gun noises then) was in his imagination, and pay attention to melody? what kind of feedback is that? The guns had lots of low end, maybe your headphones don't?   It's not a finished product, but a lot of what he said just simply wasn't true.      The first video in fact was a first pass, my first attempt at game sound ever. I tried to find a way to delete this topic awhile ago, yet your forums won't let me. if you could delete this topic it would be appreciated
  2. Sound Efx Designer - new to forums

    right...well some of that I disagree with, thanks for taking the time i suppose.
  3. Sound Efx Designer - new to forums

    Hello all! I am a new member of this forum, and would love some feedback on this short reel I'm working on sending out to developers. Thanks!