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  1. Friends, I would like to make Torque 3D based engine. Is this possible?
  2. Can I write based engine OGRE? Or any other suggestions? Istiyoru?m write a game engine, what is your suggestion?
  3. Friends I want to write C + + using the game engine. Already writing games using c + +. I believe that an adequate level. I command the C + + language. How long it takes to write the game engine? How to write C + + suitable?
  4. Bar?? Ekinci

    Unity Torque 3D vs Unity 3D

    Mainly in Unity, or torque?
  5. Hi, I'm working on C + + for two weeks. Previously working with Unity3D. Torque3D distributed as open source. A lot of people think that these two competing engine. Did you think Torque3D quality motor? Do I use?
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