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  1. Alex ??? Jones

    Advice for pro composer moving into games

    Hey!    I was also at Game Music Connect...so on the subject of you not playing games for 10 years I heard on multiple occasions their advice was to play games! They all knew each others work and had played games and had to answer questions on what their favourite games were!    But the question is why do you want to write music for video games if you don't play/like them? :)
  2. Alex ??? Jones

    Proposal for a Creative Audio in Games Symposium

    It does sound interesting!!!! :D
  3. I wish I could get over to this :(
  4. Alex ??? Jones

    Composing Music for Video Games a Growth Field

      Is that USD ? :)
  5. Alex ??? Jones

    Composing Music for Video Games a Growth Field

    From people in the industry the average earning for a small project is 5-20k (GBP) and big projects anything upwards!!! Although it depends whether you are freelance or work under a company like Microsoft/Sony :)
  6. I'm fairly new to buzzing around on forums! I do network of course, most recently "Game Music Connect" in London. I kind of feel like so much is done over the internet it's WAY easier to find projects on sites like this compared to from chatting to people...At the end of the day all the big game developers already have all their tried and tested composers on speed dial why would they be looking for any more? ;)   The private forum sounds interesting...wonder how exclusive it is!!   I shall try reposting this in a different part, I guess it is useful to hear from both sides :)
  7. Hey, I write music for games myself, and I'm just interested where you guys go to find someone to write music for you? Or if you would just use pre-existing tracks? Alex
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