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  1. Hi all,   We'll start with this: I love video games. Every day I play video games, and I can't deny my passion for the indie scene. I avidly take in information from all angles: from Extra Credits to GameDev.net. I even spent four years at University studying a degree in Japanese language & Business systems in order to get into the industry. Currently, in my 'day job' I own and run a website and marketing consultancy in the UK.   I started professional work as a web developer and had done that for the best part of 4 years, but I realised at the end of 2011 that my strengths were in the more creative and management side of things. Therefore, even though I do a few hours of C# coding each week, the majority of my work is on UI's, sales and funding pitches, technical and creative documents, sales/brochure copy, poster/brochure/website design and - mostly - project management.   I've been doing this work for 18 months now, and with the 4 years of programming experience before that and 4 years business/Japanese before that, I do have some strong work experience. I've also started and sold 2 other companies in that time too, which has given me some incredible experience.   I've always wanted to move into the video game industry though. I know, it's something that every kid does, but I feel for the first time that I would have something to contribute. Now that I'm approaching 30, I feel that it's time to actually look in this direction. Obviously, as a coder, I'd done a few things but never really felt comfortable doing the harder physics engineering. When it comes to art, I can draw some and do a bit of 3D modelling, but not good enough to ever "go pro". I LOVE management work though, and getting the most out of a team - let alone shipping products on time and selling to rooms of buyers successfully - there's just nothing better in this world for me.   So, for those that have worked in the industry, I ask you: where do I go next? What's the bridging step from being a Web/Marketing agency manager to a video game producer? I've thought about trying to win larger contracts to develop games for clients (think utilities companies, major brands), but before I can entertain that fully I feel that I'm missing something in the game industry.   Any books, videos, training courses and advice are all greatly appreciated.   Cheers, David.
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