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  1. This may sound like complete nonsense but porting older PC games to work on Nintendo's last gen hardware would be a fun project. Even though this would be complete homebrew porting of retail and creations of homebrewers/ small time developers it would be interesting to see what people could get the wii to run. I was thinking about this because I was playing Grand Theft Auto III the other day on my PS2 and I was getting mad because my PS2 would stop spinning or reading the disc and it would tell me to close the disc cover. I later played Monster Hunter 3 on my Wii and thought, since the Wii out performs the PS2 in terms of graphics, AI and the such, I looked at my pro-controller and compared it to the PS2's. Since a PC takes in digital input from a keyboard and GTA3 is on PC and since the PC version runs above PS2's capabilities and below the Wii's I made that connection. I would like to see a port of GTA3 on the Wii because it is playable on smartphones.
  2. Just joined. I feel to have some good input.