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  1. Almost done! Just need the last 4 participants.
  2. Just a couple more, then I'm finally done with collecting data.
  3. Come on game-lovers, help out a fellow-gamer for the completion of my study :). It'll only take you maximum 5 minutes since there aren't that many questions. Thanks in advance!
  4. So far I am glad with the number of participants, so thank you for the ones who participated. Nevertheless, I still need 40-50 or so respondents, therefore I would like to encourage those who haven't filled in the survey yet, I would really appreciate it!
  5.   Thank you for your question and your comment. No I did not reword questions. I adapted variables that were used in existing literature. The reason why some set of questions look similar is that the combination of those questions belong to a construct. For example, if you were to measure 'trust', you would need certain questions/items related to trust. And the sum of this set of questions should be able to explain 'trust'. It is virtually impossible to measure it based on just 1 question. I hope this clarifies your question.
  6.   First of all, thank you for your comment. The questions do make sense if you tackle the questions from a gamers' point of view. So, if you do (like to) play games, try to put on the gamer hat when filling out the survey :). Once again, thank you.
  7. Hi fellow gamers! First of all, I would like to briefly introduce myself. I am a Master student at the VU University in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. I am studying Business Administration, part of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration. Currently, I am working on my graduation paper about 'knowledge and idea sharing within online communities'. The study is aimed at assessing your motivations in relation to innovative knowledge and idea sharing activities as well as the effectiveness of these activities in online communities (forums) within the Video Game Industry. For data collection I have set up an online survey, and I would like to kindly ask you to fill it out and maybe even share it with your fellow gamer friends. Every single gamer filling it out helps. It is critical for the completion of my study, to have enough respondents with valuable feedback. It is intended for gamers from all platforms (PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, PC, handhelds, mobile gaming etc). The survey is located at http://www.thesistools.com/web/?id=355778 It will take you approximately 5 minutes to answer all the questions. Since these questions are about your opinion, experience and feelings, there are no right or wrong answers. Therefore, please try to be as honest as possible when answering these questions. Your answers are entirely confidential and will only be used for academic purpose. Finally, please not that this is about VIDEO games, not board games or card games or anything similar. If you have any questions please contact the e-mail address provided in the online survey, send me a private message, or reply here. I would like to thank you in advance for your time, attention, and help. It will be greatly appreciated!
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