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  1. Cool, thanks guys I appreciate the help :)
  2. Would game centre not take care of the match making?   If I was to use a master server is there anyway to run it off my own computer? As I said before this is just for the experience of making the game so I don't want to put much money into it.
  3. Hey guys,   Im in the middle of making a dungeon crawler for IOS using cocos2D. Its pretty simple at the moment. There is a town hub where you can level up, repair gear and get consumables. Then theres the dungeons under the town. This is where you kill monsters, get experience and loot. I want the Dungeons to be randomly generated. This will be determined by the players level.   This is my first attempt at implementing Procedural Content Generation and i'm not sure where to start. I went to the wiki page and did some research. This is what I have so far. Im gonna have a set of about 200 pre made rooms and then some staple rooms like boss room, secret room, loot room etc. Each room will correspond to the players level so as he gets stronger the dungeons get tougher. Im going to make code that says when the player enters the dungeon it will pick a hand full of the rooms at random and slot them together, then spawn random loot and enemies inside them.   Thats the basic idea and I think it will work but I wont know for sure until I start coding.   My question is this. Is there an more optimised way to do this? I know that this has been around since the 80's and theres probably 100's of ways to go about doing it but what i'm looking for is the most simple and efficient way to do this.   Any help would be appreciated and please, only constructive criticism   Thanks a lot,   R
  4. Hey,   Im in the middle of making an app for IOS. Its a 2d dungeon crawler that focuses on training your character and collecting loot. I know we've all seen this before but this is just a project for experience. Anyway, I want to make an online auction house where player can sell their loot to other players. I am in the process of enabling match making for 1v1 battles between players. Thats going well but Im not sure how to go about setting up an auction house feature.   Will I need to use a server? or is there a way I can do it similarly to the way Im doing pvp through match making? I understand that it will be hard to give me specific advice when you don't know exactly what i'm doing.   Im using cocos2D for the main game and i'm using Game Centre for the match making. If you need more specific specs just ask.   Any help would be appreciated and please only constructive criticism :)   Thanks,   R