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  1. I have a game idea but..!?

    I agree with Servant, charge for the game what you think it's realistically worth.  There is a prevailing idea that game prices must race to the bottom, therefore to $0.  I disagree, there is a cost to "manufacture" (aka develop) a game and as long as the game is worth it, people will pay for it.     +1 This is a great point.
  2. And today ends my CA vaca, I'm so happy it happened & I'm rdy to be home. Today is the best day of my life! #EnjoyLife
  3. At the Pacific Pinball Museum w the family, an awesome time is ahead! Today is the best day of my life! #EnjoyLife http://t.co/NBHdG67K0Y
  4. Photo: The ginger bread village display. (at The Inn At Spanish Bay) http://t.co/cMNZ3DgoBU
  5. Frozen the Soundtrack is free on Google Play #freemusic https://t.co/kgF7EZdZg8
  6. Playing cards with the whole family, guys v gals, grudge match! Today is the best day of my life! #EnjoyLife http://t.co/tNFgalia5Q
  7. RT @olofster: so true, this pretty much sums it up (via @theDANtheMAN) http://t.co/iOfJrs8mvD
  8. Watching Guardians of the Galaxy with the family, oh what an Xmas morning it's gonna be! Today is the best day of my life! #enjoylife
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