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  1. Efficient method to create a 2D game?

    Thank you Waterlimon! I did expect the game to run on Windows, and from the looks of it, I'll check out Game Maker, and I'll probably use it for a while, unless I do find its features to be too limiting. If they do end up being too limiting, maybe I'll check out JavaScript, and hopefully, with enough determination and patience, learn enough to keep myself motivated. Thanks for replying to the thread, by the way :)
  2. Hello forums! I'm a newbie at the universe of programming >.> So, I was wondering if anyone could have time to answer, or rather help me choose an acceptable path towards what I'm looking for: a physics based, 2D game. Now, I know I've just stepped on to what could mean a plethora of possibilities. By 2D, physics based game, I mostly mean a platformer, a beat 'em up, or even an Angry Birds' styled game. Since I know literally next to nothing about coding (I just don't have the slightest idea where to start, how to start, and with what to start), I'll probably base myself on what the thread's comments are. Being as I want to make a physics game, I must know enough physics for a wide variety of ideas to later implement. *checkmark* I must, draw sprites if I want to make an original game. *to do, within grasp* I must have a concept for the game, a basic idea of what will it be about. *checkmark* I must know how to write code enough, as to be able to write a simple two-dimensional game from scratch, with custom concepts and physics involved. *facepalm* Ok, like I said earlier, I lack the most important part. I know nothing about programming. So, my questions to the reader are showcased below. 1.) Which programming language(s) will provide a good enough experience to write code, basic/complex enough for a simple game, and allow physics to be involved without much hassle? Note, I have never asked for a best language, as I don't know if there is really a best (nor I want to awaken the trolls). 2.) If it's acceptable to learn within months, where can I learn from it? Where can I learn how to code it? I want to learn as soonly as possible… forgive me if I'm wrong, but I don't think making a two-dimensional game with basic sprites (of which I also know nothing about) can take over a year to learn to create. 3.) Is there any personal recommendation you can give about this thread's purpose? Or tips, or anything? I believe I was going to write more questions, but I forgot… Finally, I thank the reader for… reading either the whole thread, or this last line only, and it'd be awesome if you could answer.