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  1. I would LOVE to see this game actually be produced, but a question I have for you is simply this: Do you have the tools, the systems, programs, the team, everything to build a game. There is a LOT in your idea and with a large amount of data, can you fit in without a fuss? I'm no game developer (at the moment at least) but I do love the little things in a game, I see no reason to argue or decline such thoughts. I know if I see this description for a game, it WILL be challenging (Something that Skyrim never understood) it may be harder then the Demon Souls series. The recent game: "The Last Of Us" did an amazing job with survival and thinking what to use at the time (granted choosing the proper difficulty) which is a question I do have for you: Is there a difficulty level selection in your game? (If there is one, sorry if I missed it.) You may have a large competition with a survival games but I think you may win if you can manage all of this. Food, water, rest, the med-kits, bullet rarities. It's all brilliant and makes sense for a survival game. I do have a concern: there is a LOT of different remedies for different occasions. Is this just to up the difficulty, to boost up your survival preparations? Is it easy or hard to find the proper medical supplies needed? If you do want another need to make your game even more realistic and challenging, you should add Sanity. With everything going on, all these harsh times and shit happening in your life, you may start to go insane. If you don't have a clear, calm head, you're going to die quickly. Let your sanity raise up by the following effects: Exploring - Let's face it, we love our home but at times we just need to get out. Staying in one place for too long can really get your thoughts racing.   Being too far away from home location - We do miss our homes (Base camp or whatever people would call "home" of this situation\time.) and we start to feel un-easy about it. I'm not so much into this one because I'm sure your character and others would move around a lot. So this was just a clunker idea.   Stay in the light - We never like the dark, it can mess with our imagination. Without sight, we don't know what's real and the simple of noises can startle us. Yes I do understand you need to stay in the shadows, away from soldiers and raiders, but if you're there for days, months straight... you might lose it.   Enjoy the littlest things in life - Even adults need a good time here and there. With all this seriousness happening, you gotta make a little room for some fun. Yes, the world you know is infected with zombies and shit; but it's still a life. If people just think "survival" is all to life, than they would have just shot their brains out already. I know I would. So let your character have interesting conversations with NPCs he\she knows, play some tic-tac-toe, playing cards, have a smoke, whatever! The guy\girl still needs something to do in life other than kill people and survive. Again, I'm no game developer but I do help any of this helps. =) ~Good luck! From: Leaferson~
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