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  1. General Idea.         Okay so the general idea here is to either make a little team of developers wanting to learn 3D game development in OpenGL but if there is any experienced developers out there wanting to spread they knowlegde, i gladly sit down, shutup and listen.  If any of you out there is open for creating a new little team/community of new/experienced game devs let me know. You can either PM me or write me a mail at "JonasKristoffersen@ghostmail.com" and we will figure something out.  I hope this is something people would find interresting and also i gladly share my web dev experience so you are welcome to ask any question.  About me.         I'm a pretty serious programmer with a background mainly in web development. For a long time i have been wanting to start 3D web development with OpenGL and i actually started my programming "carrier" with game development but quickly moved onto web development since it is a lot easier making a livin off. Now that i know all my ins and outs of web development and have a lot more programming experience i feel a lot more confident jumping into 3D game develpoment.   Skills: HTML & CSS (expert). Javascript (expert). PHP & MYSQL (expert).     C (some experience. was my first language but havent used since). C# (developed a couple of unity games in it). C++ (pretty experienced. developed my first couple of 2D games with c++ and opengl/sdl). Java (not so experience. made a couple of small progams with it).   Python (used it alot for game plugin programming).  Pawn (also used it a lot for game plugin programming). Shell/bat (I have used a fair amount managing my dedicated server). 
  2. Making a tile engine in 2D is very easy, especially  using unity. (:  Basicly you only need 3 main functions.  generateTileMap() {     This Function is gonna "generate" the values, to fill into a 2D array (public int[][] foo = .....). so basicly the information you need for the different block types.   }   buildTileMap () {     in here you are gonna go through your 2d array "foo" and place a different texture, decided by the value at it's cords in the 2d array.    }   generateCollision() {     This is basicly where you make the collisions, also decided by the value value at it's cords in the 2d array. for example.           for (int x = 0; x < blocksX.length(); x++) {          for ( int y = 0; y < blocksY.length(); y++) {                                if (Block[x][y] == 1 ) { // Dirst Maybe                    Collider();                } else if (Block[x][y] == 2) { // Water maybe                   then execute whatever you want to happen when in the water.                   }          }     }     }   And just so it is said!! d:  The code above is NOT! working code. it is only for example purpose, i'm not really sure if it is half java and half c++, havent really written in c in a while. So dont copy paste any of the code, it surely wont work. (:  Hope you make it work, if not i think i have an old project laying around, where i build a 2D tile engine you could take a look at. you can just pm me.  Sincerly WunderStrudel.
  3. Hi Guys! (:  I have been web developing for a little while now, and i have earlier done a lot of 2d game programming in opengl. And then i figured why not mix them together? But my problem is that i did opengl in C++, and i have no idea how it works programming wise and "format" wise, when it is web based. So if there is anybody out there that think he got something that can lead me forward, please leave a comment. Thanks!  Sincerly WunderStrudel! 
  4. Hii guys (:  I've been programming in c/c++ for about 6 - 8 month now, mostly game stuff, which might be why i'm asking this newbie question ^^  I got tired of playing around with SDL and Opengl efter a while, and i thought to myself "What do you want to achive with programming?", and i guess my answer was "it all"   But right now i'm making my own little kinda cmd chat, right now just for localhost.  My problem is getting the keystrokes converted to strings/words, so that it does not just buffer a single letter at the time, but submit the whole word or sesntence. i just deleted my whole project and started from scratch so this is all my code so far;  #include <iostream> #include <windows.h> #include <Winuser.h> #include <time.h> using namespace std; int main() { TCHAR pcName [250]; TCHAR userName [250]; DWORD pcSize = 20; DWORD userSize = 20; SYSTEMTIME st; GetLocalTime(&st); if(!GetComputerName(pcName,&pcSize)) { cout << "Size: " << pcSize << "\tError Code: " << GetLastError() << std::endl; } if(!GetUserName(userName,&userSize)) { cout << "Size: " << userSize << "\tError Code: " << GetLastError() << std::endl; } cout << "("; cout << st.wDay; cout << "/"; cout << st.wMonth; cout << "/"; cout << st.wYear; cout << " - "; cout << st.wHour; if((int)st.wMinute < 10) { cout << ":0"; } else cout << ":"; cout << st.wMinute; cout << ":"; cout << st.wSecond; cout << ")"; cout << " -> "; cout << pcName; cout << " -> "; cout << userName << endl; system ("PAUSE"); return 0; } And in the other runs/tests i'v been using GetAsyncKeyState() to detect the keystrokes. Anybody have any lessons to teach me?   Thanks a lot on advantage. Sincerly Wunder..
  5. Ohhhh (:  Actualy started out using "string", but then it didn't work with displaying the variables, so i though that maybe they had to be "char" becos those you loop through, if that makes any sense :D 
  6. Thank you for anwsering, although i'm not sure really sure which approach to take from here.  Just cant figur out how to cheat it into displaying that freakin variable d;    Btw. sry for my bad english, i'm kinda sleep "depribed"? idk, have been lookin at this freakin code in like 18 - 24 hours now d:   
  7. Hiii guys (:  I dont know if this is the right place, but i thought of it as pretty basic, which just makes this more embaresing d:  i have tried some functions for displaying text, and i made a couple of them work. Cant remember excatly how i wrote it but something like;  void DrawText(float x, float y, char *string, ...) { int len = (int)strlen(string); for (int i = 0; i < len; i++) { glutBitmapCharacter(Thefont, (int)string[i]); } } u should get the idea ^^ Anyways i made it work "kinda", it shows the text, but i cant make it show my vars' like;   DrawText(200, 200, "MouseX; %d", mouseX); Then it just types "MouseX %d" on the screen (: Anyfixes? ^^ Sincerly Wunder..
  8. Thanks you very much, those are some awesome links!!! 
  9.   Ohh thanks man (:  I'll try with this one, and see if i can make it work d; 
  10.   Ohh yeah, i could have been more specific i guess, sry about that d:  My problem is getting to "draw" / making the tile grid. in the isometric / diamond shaped way.  And ofcos getting my "64x32" sprites fittet over the grid (:  I cant really remember the function in my head, but what i'v seen so far was something like:  For(int index = 0; index < Max_rows; index++) { for(int indey = 0; indey < Max_Cols; indey++) { Drawx = (This Algorithm is where my problem lies) Drawy = (This Algorithm is where my problem lies) } } and i'm not even sure that that is even remotely correct d: 
  11. Hii guys (:  i'm having a little trouble "converting" my tilemap to an isometric tile map.  Or i'm not really converting, actualy writing the code all over, but i cannot make the freaking "isometric map" work.  Is there anybody in here, knowing a good homeside, tutorial anything really about it. Cos i have been looking all over the internet for a fix. but i can only find java samples and such, and everytime i try converting them into c++, i fail :D  So i reeeeeallly need help guys :D  Thanks for your time, sincerly Wunderstrudel. 
  12. Hi you (:  I just started myself, about 3 days ago. The way i do it is:    I found some tuts and websites about "Console app programming", then i played around with that for a day, and created a program with a "Login, App Menu with a "Calculator, Text based game, Guessing Game and kinda logic conversation answer thingy, kinda like cleverbot" not as advanced though d;    then i started looking in to the basic C and C++ coding language, learning the basic keywords like, if, else if, else, while, for and so on and so on.    Then today, "Currently". i am making games. Earlier i made a "Packman game" and now i am making a Tic Tac Toe. The way i do it, is that i watch tuts on how to do it, and then i use "His code" but rewritten, so no copying, just "Reforming" the code, and "U HAVE TO UNDERTSAND WHAT EVERYTHING IN YOUR CODE MEANS AND DOES!!".    Then tomorrow i'm gonna look in to texturing / skinning, and maybe alittle bit about game databases and such (:  If you are engaged in learning C++. You can write to me here, or on steam or something. I could use someone to learn it with. Could also make it more fun with making the games, and testing them (: 
  13. Hi guys (:  I'm am quite new to C++, have only been coding it for a couple of days now (:  Bur still i have managed to code myself a little game of "Catch me if you can". But now i have the problem "Textures" / Sprites. I can only really find explanations on how to do it with 3D, which i'm am not using   Can any one tell me how, or refere me to a website or something? ^^    (Also how to display "Text / Messages" in my window. Like Scores, names and so on)   (I would like them for my char, background and so on) (:    Thanks ^^ 
  14. Thanks alot man! :D    Haha i will d; 
  15.   Thanks for you post (:  And yeah maybe, though the beginner forum was more generel question than coding questions, and didn't wanna place it in the wrong forum d;  And well, i'm not rly sure i understand what you mean with the "Calling" can you make a quick line of code, with your ex. or something? Thanks a lot on advance mate (: