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  1. I hope @ayzatic has a safe flight home! ^_^
  2. guess not.... (( _ _ ))..zzZZ Good night internet. Today was fun. ^_^ #MSJW
  3. ugh. Why does FTP never work right for me? =.= #webdevhorror
  4. RT @F0lis: People are chatting happily in the IRC chan. Makes me grin like some lunatic. #MSJW
  5. I'm not home yet but I see #MSJW has started! Can't wait to get back. ^_^ #gameDev
  6. Join Now: http://msj.blechi.at/join   The MidSummer Jam Week is a week long game jam! Enter if you can, it'll be really fun. And it's good for ya! :D   oh, and join us in IRC: #MSJW @ AfterNET  
  7. Okay, impossible goal set. Get to 150 joiners! XD DO IT! ---> | http://t.co/3mq1ARDI5F | #gamedev #gamejams #ld48 #1GAM