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  1. I'm looking for Designers interested in helping me develop my game   I am interested in forming a development team for an action-adventure game I'm working on. I need help with efficiently creating content for marketing and my over all project. The project name will be mentioned to those I find suitable and capable of undertaking the project after signing the contract. It's an indie title and will be funded through fund raiser. The crew won't be paid until I raise from a few hundred-thousand to a few million dollars. I will make sure all of my crew is paid handsomely and honestly. Honesty is my policy.   I have Asperger Syndrome and I want my crew to be aware and understanding in case I have odd social skills.   In light of our unfortunate society; in case bi-racial relationships bother you.   The game stars African-American Man and Caucasian Woman. I have to mention that if that isn't your cup of tea. I can't have anyone on the crew distracted from putting their heart into the project.   It would be great to see resumes too. Hobbyists or Professionals. Just be real good at wat you do and prove it with.   As far as who I'm looking for; the list is as follows:   My Inner Circle:   - One Game Coder (Very skilled at UDK and Unity 3D script languages and Assets)   (just in case I decide to change engines if one doesn't work out know both just in case.)   - One Level and Character Designer (one or the other at the very least)   - One Music Composer   - One Story Coordinator   - One Game Development Artist (very skilled at Photoshop)   My Outter Circle:   - One Character Rigger and/ or Developer (Very skilled at 3Ds Max 2012 and Maya 2012. No newer)   - Four Level Riggers and Developers (Very skilled at 3Ds Max 2012 and Maya 2012. No newer)   - Two or Three Texture Mappers (very skilled at Photoshop)   -  Animators (I want an assortment of animation types. Flash, 3Ds Max 2012, Maya 2012 and Photoshop (.gif).   Imagine The Fountain and Oblivion meets The Fifth Element and Devil May Cry jammed into Prince of Persia and The Terminator.   After the destruction of Los Angeles and the death of Angela's family. She tries to understand her parents, and herself. With the help of Corey; they document the destruction of Earth while embarking on a journey of space and time. What they discover; will change their lives... Forever.   The game revolves around found footage and a lone survivor.   The pictures below are betas of the main characters in the game. There are more updated versions of the characters but, this is what I've begun working with.