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  1. The Gaming Industry is More secretive than the government! Especially working with big name companys
  2. Thanks guys really you guys are straight awesome
  3. alright thanks guys and i have his book on directx 10 i believe 11 and 10 are very similar and 11 is only an addon to directx 10  so this is fine    my questions is also would learning directx 9 help me understand Dx11  api any better?
  4. Hopfully gonna get some directx 11 down before moving on
  5. Hi everyone this has probably been asked a thousand time but honestly i have googled it and i have looked alot of places so please dont flame me but I need to know with directx 11 i know this is going to be the future of gaming since both the xbox one and ps4 are confirmed running on the systems we have another 10 years before we get new consoles so dirext x 11 seems pretty good BUT im rambling    My question is this for directx 11 is there a great api book thats teaches you everything like the meaning for every statment and why you need them and what they do    just like a c++ book that teaches you what code does what and hw to use that code, I know a decent ammount of C++ but with directx is much harder in my opinion    but really just a beginner dirext x api book thats not out of date and actually teaches you what does what, is there any books of this sort of somewhere that literally teaches you alot more that tutorials on youtube....
  6. OpenGL and Direct3D are like mountains to climb that hills but Getting Smarter Every Day!