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  1. My latest carbon illustrations and the short fiction catalogue are now on sale via .All…
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    Hello! I'm a Videogames graduate and visual artist from the United Kingdom, I create original artworks for videogame enthusiasts and collectors alike. I still enjoy working on games from time to time so if you have a serious project in need of assets or even just some promo art please think of me.  I also just wanted to let you all know that my new art book is now available to download... 'Lucky KO Vol.1:Mob Deep (PDF)' 37 Pages of high resolution carbon illustration and story by CherrySlug... "A ward against death and ailments when carried. Considered a protection from fire when kept in the home. For today's aspiring digital warrior I present my 'Lucky KO' an obscure recollection of illustrated events that happened during the summer I spent grooming women for street fights and fashion shows. And the terrors that eventually caught up with them." the book is available for immediate download under a 'Pay-What-You-Want' Pricing checkout from as little as £1.00. Acting as both a catalogue and a short fiction.The pieces featured re-imagine specific videogame franchises from the late 80’s to the early 90’s - expressing my personal reinterpretation of the original text in contemporary illustrative form.  via-  More information about the publication,contact details and my other work can be found there. Thanks all! -Cherry
  3. Photo: ‘Bomberman’ Carbon & Charcoal on Langton. 10 x 7 By CherrySlug