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  1. So I wrote my first SDL game (don't ask why I'm still using SDL, it's a programmer's thing), and everything looks good, except... ... LAG! ... The lag happens when the background images are blitted. When I reach an area where the background is white and no images are blitted, everything looks smooth. Each image is loaded into a SDL_Surface (once), and blitted every 1 ms inside my draw() loop. The images are jpeg format. To give you a better picture, this is the regular game scene and this is also where I'm laggy as I move around:         And this is the end of the scene, where the lag magically disappears:       As I walk back into the regular game scene, the game starts to get laggy again!   So, my question in a nutshell: How to make the game more efficient so that it doesn't lag out? (e.g does using bmp images have an effect? Should I not blit them every time in the loop?   Also, if you MUST see the code, here it is: http://pastebin.com/0tK4EWeP
  2. I know I know it's a pretty long title! Well I guess I should say Hi first since I'm a newbie in Gamedev.net and this is my first post... Oh well, I guess I'll go right to the point then!   I'm a programmer. I've explored many aspects of programming so I know basic computer science stuff (I'm actually language-independent now!), and now I want to make a game! Luckily, I have a designer who's made me a 3D spaceship in 3Ds Max, and right now all I really want to do is:   1. Create an phone game app (Preferably compilable for both Android & iOS) 2. Import the spaceship model (I have it in .obj format right now but max can convert to some other formats as well.) 3. Make it move up and down!   I have many options in front of me: Cocos3d, Unity3d, jMonkeyEngine, and similar libraries / frameworks. But I don't really know where to start. I've tried some but haven't quite found the ideal choice yet. Things that affect my choice of framework are:   1. I hate Unity since it's GUI dependent, and I'm a low-level programmer (I see the world in text-based!). I don't use IDEs for app development, just a text editor and a Console + simply reading the doc and calling the APIs from code. I just want a framework / lib, not an entire SDK. 2. I'm still a beginner in game dev, so simple-to-follow and complete documentation and an easy-to-start-with library. 3. Easy 3D Support   Now with these said, what do the masters suggest me to use?