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  1.   It's dark. It's very dark. She's still perfect. Ours favourite future field operative finally gets the chance to relive That Thing With The Skedar on next-generation engine Cryengine 3! Whether it's your first, second or tenth time facing off against the dataDyne Corporation, just keep a steady grip on your Falcon 2 as you prepare for infiltration.   ABOUT:   Like Black Mesa: Source, Goldeneye: Source, DayZ, and other mods. The Dark aims to be a recreation of the 2000 Shooter, Perfect Dark.  The Dark is being built on the beautiful CryEngine 3 Engine, the same one used in Far Cry 3, Crysis 3 and the Xbox One exclusive, Ryse. If you played perfect dark  in 2000, you’ll know just how much of a game changer it was.  It felt so much different than anything that came before, it was the type of game that stuck with you long after you put the controller down.   WHY PERFECT DARK?   In 2009, Perfect Dark came out on the Microsoft Arcade.  It was a nice refresh, but for those who want push that refresh further, we decided to try our hands at it.  Many, if not all of us on the team are just starting out in game development and want some freelance project that can “show us the ropes” if you will.  One of the main intentions with this goal is primarily education, introduction with all the tools necessary to develop a game.   HOW MUCH WILL COST?   None.  In fact, we cannot make any money with this project.  1.) That was never our goal. 2.) Perfect Dark and all names associated with it are copyright ©2000 Rare.  Depending on if Crytek will release a Crysis 3 Mod SDK, this game might require a copy of Crysis 3.  If not, then the game should be a completely standalone download.   WILL HAVE MULTIPLAYER?   We want to start out with a couple multiplayer maps, then, if we determine that a single player campaign is feasible (given team size, time,  etc.) we would tackle that.   JOIN US!   For now we only have 2 people in the team, so...   WE WANT YOU IN THE TEAM!   MODELERS:   Experienced modelers in creating characters, weapons, robots, and many vehicles;   ANIMATORS:   Animators for: Characters, weapons, cinematics, vehicles and robots.   TEXTURE ARTISTS:   Creators of textures of all kinds.   CREATIVITY:   Submit ideas that may help in the development of the project, anything is acceptable.   Want to help? Send an email with a sample of your work! perfectdremake@yahoo.com.br   MEDIA:   http://dark.ltmiles.com/   That's it! Any questions, tips or criticism:  perfectdremake@yahoo.com.br   PS: Moderators and Administrators, if we are doing something wrong, please correct us.