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  1. I created an account just to post a reply on this one because I was in the same position once...   About 3-4 years ago, I was in a similar position as you, wanting to get into 3D game dev on iOS and hunting around.  I had never done 3D dev before, so I tried a whole bunch of things.  As like you, I also didn't like the idea of a full IDE/GUI etc such that Unity appeared to be.   So I tried a bunch and I ended up playing with Sio2 (http://sio2interactive.com)  It wasn't bad.  C++ really isn't my thing anymore, so it took me a bit to get into it, but within a week or so I was able to get some basic models imported, manipulated, etc.  I was also getting totally lost in all the minutia of making the engine work.   And then I thought to myself... am I doing this as an exercise to be a better programmer or am I doing this to make a game?   I wanted to make a game.  So I dumped Sio2, downloaded Unity and never looked back (and have since released 3 games that have reached #1 in at least one of its game categories and one #1 on the iPad store.)   Keep in mind that although Unity presents you with all sorts of buttons and windows and other fancy graphical bits, if you really wanted to, you could almost entirely eschew all of that, limiting yourself to just an all code-based game dev workflow.  Unity is, if nothing else, just a pipeline to tie together 3D assets and the game engine (which you can almost entirely control with code.)  Generally speaking, you just setup the scene in Unity's UI (layout, lighting, etc.) but everything is completely controlled with code.   So before you dismiss programs like Unity, Unreal and others of its like because they're a "GUI", I would suggest you actually read up on what they do and how they do it.  In reality, you'll find that they require almost just as much code (written outside of an IDE as much as you like) but take care of all the messy and inherently visual bits like handling 3D assets, turning them into worthwhile levels and making them beautiful... which is exactly what you need in a 3D gaming IDE!
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