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  1. fully motivated to make a video game since could not find right one

    Thank you Eck & Norman, I really got a lot of benefit from your replays :) see you in several months then I hope I perfectly do what you mentioned.
  2. fully motivated to make a video game since could not find right one

    Thank you for the replays, but actually I have skills in programming in different languages, and for graphics I know how to use SFML library, and I got/know the different languages and tools, but I have difficulty choosing which one to use, I have started scratch projects in all of C, C++, Java, C# and PHP but never fully completed one, because I then switch to another language and recode the algorithm again, I am just not sure which one to use.
  3. I posted this thread in the lounge because I think this is where it belongs, and I like the post quality when people are in the lounge I am an insane gamer I love to play MMO,  especially MMO RTS but a lot of circumstances has narrowed the list of MMO I can play some of them are : the only ISP avialable here is expensive and I got a maximum of 8GP per month download, so I look for game that use fair bandwidth such as "world of tanks" that uses ~3kilobyes per second, but most other games use more than 20kilo bytes and that suchs my subscriptions usage fast. second is my very far location from main world servers (USA & Germany) and I have a ping of 250ms-350ms, 170ms-200ms respectively. So for FPS games there are not fun if the ping is more than 150ms, strategy games works fine because you don't have to act fast, it's about thinking.  last of all I love to play a nice MMO during weekends for a long time, and I want something that suites me, and will spend my next weekends developing the game that serves me fine. I have started in a small secret MMO RTS project that is unique last year with Java and decided to continue , thinking of making the first version for windows only using C# or C++, or should I stick with Java. It's a strategy game, and ofcourse will make it free to play & open source no matter what, and the server is by players, each can start he/her own server and fun is granted for all. and I am happy that I found a lot of examples and open source games that will make me develop faster from other sources and not build a video game from scratch which is a long process. So should I use Java that enables players to play from browser or can download game client, or use C# or C++ for better graphics, faster processing, and less system requirments, but will require me to build different build for Mac & Linux, which I will take care later on. or use different methods do develop the game? or should I delay the project further more, I have seen a lot of shutted downed MMO that made me get frightened of faliure, it's my first project .   would be happy to see your comments (y).
  4. c++ SFML issue. Help!

    I would recommend that you don't use using name space sf; so that you can know sf:: functions from other c++functions.