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  1. Have been developing this game since Feb, on it full time since March. The goal is a PVE focused (a 'relatively small' PVP enabled area) open-ended MMO. Working my way slowly through the feature set - so far we've got trading, contracts (transport, packages, supply), planet surface mining and farming, asteroid mining, wreck salvaging, gas giant harvesting, starbase construction, research and manufacturing.   For each of these features, the goal has been to implement them in a way that's new and a little different, while still fulfilling the expectations of the experienced space gamer. Aimed for easy to get into, with escalating difficulty as you progress. E.g. trading is so easy literally anyone who can use a computer can do it, whereas getting blueprint fragments from wrecks and conducting research is quite complex and requires a bit of skill.   Small playerbase so far, as you would expect - not trying to grow it as such at the moment, just making sure I've got diverse feedback from people playing it.   June's goal is to have combat working and in the game.   Link is here: http://www.thespacegame.com   Have developed it using Unity, currently publishing only through the web player for convenience and rapid development.   Would love some feedback from you!