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  1. Advice on... Everything.

      He can't make pong. You expect him to be able to run Linux? Go buy Windows 8. It's cheap. The hardware requirements are low. And really you have no excuse not to. Especially if you actually want to program something. She can't make pong because she doesn't have a working build environment, not because of her specs lol. Why spend money on something like Windows 8 when Ubuntu is just as good and is basically made for programming? (not going to say better because I don't want to start a flame war about what the best Os is lol). I use windows 8 and it is good(fast booting times,clean metro ui, vibrant wallpapers), but I wouldn't recommend actually buying it unless it came with your pc.
  2. The Total Beginner’s Guide to Better 2D Game Art

    Great article, I'm horrible at game artwork and am trying to read up on the topic to get better. This really helps =)
  3. New to the industry

    You could try using SFML, I'm a beginner programmer (the only language that I'm fully comfortable with is C) and I've been getting around in it with knowing the bare minimum of c++ lol .It also lets me incorporate C commands in my code which makes some of the game mechanics easier for me to code. Another engine you should look at is Allegro ( this one also seems noob friendly).
  4. Code before Art? Is it Possible?

    Although I'm a newbie like you, I've heard that sometimes it's better to just get the framework coding out of the way before focusing on graphics. With a game as large as yours, I would suggest adding in placeholder sprites just so you can see how things will interact with each other. That's just my opinion though, from one beginner game programmer to another.