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  1. AndyP2013

    naming my game

    please comments all new names and give ideea for naming
  2. AndyP2013

    naming my game

    what about?   Voidrunner  Through the dark  Light the dark  Lightbringer  Nightsprint  Cross the myst  Nightdiver  Insomnia  Scary Tale 
  3. AndyP2013

    naming my game

    few more variants, please comment and suggest more if have ideea   FireFly Darkstrider Murk Journey     "Gloom Rush - like too Gloom Rush
  4. AndyP2013

    naming my game

    in about few days we will test protorype of game. leave your email so we can send you invitation to play
  5. AndyP2013

    naming my game

    naming also need to be check on https://sensortower.com we will need description of game from naming game after, + key for ASO    some one have experince with this, can u suggest someone may be?
  6. AndyP2013

    naming my game

    appreciate your help
  7. AndyP2013

    naming my game

    Hi there!  Please help me with naming his game     concept art game     my proposed name for this art game [/ b]  Don't fade into obscurity!  Gloomy obscurity rush  Flee to light  Sunset sprinter  Torch's Journey    Hero's name:  Mr.Dim  Murky      examples of other games [/ b]  Run in Crowd    other key may be darkness, gloom, obscurity, night, shadow,  murk, dark, blackness, night, obscurity,  gloom, cloud, obscurity, oddness       I welcome your suggestions for the title, opinions ...    thank you!
  8. AndyP2013

    name my game, thank you

    colsed topic
  9. // few names more, please check this too. // select one or more, thx in advance. 3. Move It! 4. Secret Elixir / Magic Elixir 5. Pop' Em Drop 6. Splashes Droplets 7. Finding Droplets 8. Save Droplets 9. Lost Elixir 10. Fixer Elixir 11. Tiny Drop 12. Light! Action! Droplets! 13. Drop Move
  10. My name is Adrian, I would like to know you opinion about this two propose of naming this game (type game: Puzzle; platforms:  IOS, Android).    1. Smithereens 2. Drop Hunt Dear player, please write marks & comments which one variant is better.  Maybe you have your variants… but any way please give some marks about this variants ) for ex:  1 – 4/5 // comments 2 - 5/5 // comments I will be very happy to hear more about.  screenshots about game, please see it:  http://postimg.org/image/tgl1k3vj1/ 1-5 Intro: (story: Desperate scientist trying to invent a healing elixir for his sick daughter. When the elixir was almost ready, the scientist added by mistake not necessary substance to elixir.  Reaction occurred, resulting the explosion in the laboratory. All drops elixir explosion scattered all over lab. Helping scientists to create an elixir! (Collect all the drops that are scattered all over laboratory)  7 Gameplay Art. Swipe drops to their semi transparent target  8 Sketch concept. Example of name DropHunt.      Thank in advance! Best Regards, Andy
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