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  1. What Java Library to Use?

    Alright, thanks for the input guys!  I think I'll go with LibGDX after all.     If it helps you out, still has a forum for Slick, and has Javadocs.
  2. Hello, I've been wondering about this for a while.  In most major game companies, how do the people that design game concepts (how much recoil will this gun have? What should we name this city? Should we add X gameplay element? etc.) get those positions?   My plan for a while was to become a programmer and work my way up to game designer from there.  I suppose that was probably the case years ago when teams were smaller, and in some indie studios, where the same is true, but what about now?  Do people get game designer jobs fresh out of college?  And if they do, would a programmer have any chance of obtaining the position of game designer?
  3. What Java Library to Use?

    Hello,   I'm wanting to make a 2-dimensional desktop-based (i.e. not mobile, console, browser, etc.) game using Java.  I already know Java and a decent amount of game theory, my main obstacle is what library/engine to use to build it.  Right now there are 3 I'm considering: JSFML, Slick2d, and LibGDX.  I'm also considering building on top of LWJGL and making my own engine.   I've used SFML in C++ programming before, so I thought JSFML would work nicely, but I don't know how well J/SFML would work in developing a game.  AFAIK the JSFML community is small/inactive, though I could ask my questions to the much larger C++ SFML community.   Slick2d seems to be the go-to 2D Java game library, but it appears it's been abandoned.  If it wasn't for that and the (seemingly) outdated methods it uses, I would be all over it.   LibGDX appears to be what most ex-Slick users are going to, but I'm concerned about how focused it is on Android.  Sometime in the future I may want to port my game to Android, but for now, I see myself developing desktop games, so I don't want a library that's built more for Android than desktop.   Anyway, what's everyones opinion of these?