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  1. Logic Pro X

    I was really excited to see great reviews getting posted. I've had the student license for Logic 9 and have been holding out, hoping that Logic wouldn't go the way of Final Cut... Once I get the cash I'm in. Thanks for the video post, btw, ALF.
  2. Greetings!

    Hi everyone,   Just signed onto and wanted to say hello. I already see some familiar faces in the forums, which is great, and I'm looking forward to listening to and talking about things that I haven't yet heard!   If you'd like to check out my stuff, SoundCloud is probably easiest, but feel free to mosey on over to my official website as well. I love all types of feedback - the good, the bad, and even the ugly - so if you hear something you like or something that you think could be improved upon, feel free to let me know.   One last thing is that I have a VGM blog that reviews composers' works, gives insight into my own compositions, and interviews modern composers from time to time. You may either read it through my website proper or if you like WordPress, follow it there.   Looking forward to interacting with you all!   Cheers, Greg