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  1. Hello everybody,   I have a huge mesh on the GPU and want to compute its bounding box in a compute shader. The implementation will be straight foreward with the  InterlockedMin/Max functions. My question is how do I return the result (the bounding box) which consists of 6 float values to the CPU ?   Thank you in advance ;)  
  2. Hi,   I have a question about DirectX 11. I wrote a shader containing an input array (RWTexture2D<float4> TextureOut[8]). The shader reflection interface now tells me that there are 8 bind points with names like this   "TextureOut[0]" "TextureOut[1]" ...   Since the D3D11_SHADER_INPUT_BIND_DESC structure contains a 'BindCount' field I had rather expected a single resource binding with  the name 'TextureOut' and a BindCount of 8. Why do I get 8 seperate bindings with bind count 1 instead? I now wonder what the BindCount field is actually for and in which scenario it is larger than one?   Can anyone demystify this aspect of directX for me? Unfortunately the documention isnt much of a help.