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    D3DX8 and D3DX9 in one project

    Sorry to say this, but in VC++ you have no way to tell the compiler "that's the right dll". There are 2 solutions to your problem:   1. GetProcAddress all of D3DX8 needed functions dynamically. 2. Wrap those functions in separate library and static-link.   It's additional work, but probably the only solution.
  2. Hmm, i have no clue how your rendering code looks like, but rendering a weapon is pretty simple, if you know what're you doing with matrices .   The most popular method of rendering weapon models "in-hand" is to render them separately from the scene geometry - this way your weapon will be visible no matter what is on the screen. You don't have to "move it with you".    Generally the idea is to ignore ModelView matrix of the scene and use your own - call it WeaponModel - matrix with conjunction with your Projection matrix. Don't forget to clear your depth buffer - the scene may intersect with your weapon model. Speaking in terms of pseudo-DX9: def->Clear(COLOR | DEPTH); dev->SetTransform(PROJECTION, ProjectionMatrix); dev->SetTransform(WORLD, SceneWorldMatrix); dev->SetTransform(VIEW, SceneViewMatrix);   RenderScene();   dev->Clear(DEPTH); dev->SetTransform(WORLD, NULL); dev->SetTransform(VIEW, WeaponModelMatrix);   WeaponModel->Render();   dev->Present();
  3. RealNoname

    The 4Ps of Marketing

  4. RealNoname

    VS 2012 Graphics Debugger. Connect to running app.

    Debug -> Attach to process? But if you don't have pdb files of that app/lib, you only would have access to decompiled code at most.
  5. RealNoname

    Easy GUI for 3D engine

    I agree with GLFW (OpenGL only), but why not SFML? Like SDL, it's capable of managing a window with attached DirectX device/context. Basically every framework will do, as long, as you can acquire a valid handle pointer - that's all what is required to properly initialize a direct3d device. 
  6. As far as I know, the lock method just maps the buffer from graphic card to system memory. I didn't test it, but it shouldn't make problems to pass a simple pointer to system memory to another thread while you're rendering something else. At least not when that buffer isn't assigned to any input stream.
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