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  1. Greatest Indie Games is gathering the best!

    By the way, we're always curious about your opinions, so if you have some constructive feedback or any questions, by all means, tell us! ;)
  2. Hello everyone!   Greatest Indie Games is a website that presents a handpicked selection of indie games every month. We're helping developers get more coverage for their projects and players find games they like faster.   How it works You submit your projects by filling a very short submission form and providing basic details about your game. We process your submissions and find out as much as possible about your game. If necessary, we provide feedback about it and the way you're presenting it. Once your game is approved, it's going to show up on our website, among the greatest indie games. You also receive a badge you can show off on your website, so that everyone knows we're recommending your game. We'll also spread the word about your game on our social networks, Steam etc.   If you're interested in more details, and you should be ;), please read these two sections on the GIG website: Why and How to submit FAQ   We've soft launched the website in July and are currently accepting submissions for August.   Being developers ourselves we know how hard indie devs work on their projects and how difficult it is to reach players. That's why we're doing our best to help you on this journey!   So please visit and let's get started!  
  3. Hey everyone!   We're happy to announce our first released game - KEL Reaper of Entropy!   It's an unconventional game in which players take control (or at least try to) of Kel the Skeleton, a fabled RPG villain that happens to be both stubborn and crooked.   And unlike all those RPGs where you have to save a village from the undead, in KEL RoE you pretty much have to do the opposite, choosing whether to terrorize or please the villagers ( though the game will only end once you turn all the villagers into skeletons, i.e. kill them :) ).   You have numerous ways of messing things up, from causing silly accidents to tricking the villagers into killing each other. There are numerous little secrets to discover, 15 achievements to complete and enough twisted humor to go round.   We hope you'll enjoy our game and we're really looking forward to hearing some feedback, it would mean a lot to us.   Here is the official page for the game on IndieDB   The game is available on the IndieGameStand   And of course, screenshots!