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    Character Design without bilateral symmetry

    Symmetry does seem to happen. Here's what I could find going through my deviant art bookmarks. Some is asymmetrical, and some of it is just out there. Hope it helps!   http://browse.deviantart.com/art/Contagion-Alien-245750529   http://browse.deviantart.com/art/Born-to-Run-338763235   http://browse.deviantart.com/art/Alien-Portrait-296025674   http://browse.deviantart.com/art/Caecuraptor-216018117   http://browse.deviantart.com/art/Aggressive-Tones-78076976   http://browse.deviantart.com/art/Foul-creature-111187894   http://browse.deviantart.com/art/SPLICE-creature-2-165305357   http://browse.deviantart.com/art/Creature-concept-Bhorda-191083052   http://browse.deviantart.com/art/Myraclion-creature-concept-210540601   ...horrifying...     You're right... its hard to find asymmetrical designs. 
  2. Drew Newman

    2D Platformer Game

    I had tried graphicsgale, which was pretty decent for pixel art and animation.   Yacht Club is using Promotion for their game Shovel Knight, which I've been meaning to check out.   http://www.cosmigo.com/promotion/index.php   Other than that, even photoshop is usable for pixel art, just make sure you use the pencil/pen tool instead of the brush.   That's bout what I've got. I only just started doing pixel art, and http://cerberust.deviantart.com/art/NFL-Man-32-Megaman-NFL-Helmets-296127089 is the best example I have of what I've figured out to this point..   Good luck! Feel free to post progress and artwork!
  3. Drew Newman

    Pixel Art feedback for newbie

    Good luck dude! Feel free to post concepts on here more! I never mind grabbing an image and taking ten minutes to spruce it up. I do this for a living :D
  4. Drew Newman

    Need some advice

    Unity seems to be huge, as well as Construct 2. These are game making programs that simplify things big time, so even a big dummy like me can use them. They are, however, streamlined and can export to multiple platforms. As a result, many companies seem to be using them (at least in California).   If you want to make games, you have to start by making games?   I'm just getting into this too... but these are about the same pieces of advice I'd give an aspiring animator, something I'm much more acquainted with.   (And yeah, my animation curriculum in college was a joke.)
  5. Drew Newman


    Hello all! I was wondering if anyone else had participated in this past weekend's Molyjam. Apparently there were around 50 other cities in the world participating in this three day jam. I went to the one in LA at Magic Pixel studios and was pretty much the only 2D animator there, so I got to mingle with a lot of people and work on two different projects.   If anyone's interested in seeing what people were able to do in just three days, the link bellow has alot of the games created. Not all have been uploaded yet, but there's still an overwhelming number there. http://www.molyjam.com/games   It was a super fun and exhausting experience, and I got to meet a ton of programmers, a few artists, and a few company owners. I even got two job offers, so I guess it pays to be the only person with a particular skill present at these events. The industry professional to student ratio felt about 75 25 in favor of professionals too! Something I suppose I would expect in Los Angeles.   The lesson here is probably network network network. Don't go to a jam and work in a corner by yourself the whole time. Meet and mingle, see what other people are working on. SHARE ideas. Don't forget to eat something of actual nutritional value, drink lots of water.   Also, don't switch platforms in the middle of the jam. One of the projects I did a ton of animation for may not be uploaded any time soon -.-   So I survived my first jam and haven't died at work yet this week! Thought I'd post my experience and see if anyone else was jamming!
  6. Drew Newman

    The movie thread.

    I thoroughly enjoyed WWZ, but (Spoilers) ...   ... ok. So if the zombies don't attack sick people, there's no way that doesn't get figured out VERY quickly. The movie never takes us to a hospital, because unlike in the book where they are the first to go, in this film, the entire cancer ward would be calling anyone and everyone to let them know "HEY, WERE NOT BEING EATEN". Consider how many hospitals there are in the world (18,000 according to wiki), and how many millions of people have diseases, and there's just no way this isn't figured very early.   I do love how intimate the final zombie sequence is. All the faceless horde attacking like lava, and the most intense moment of the film gets to be just Pitt, one zombie, and a glass door. Everything slows down, we get to see an infected up close doing some nice acting, and its all very suspenseful. Smartly done I thought.
  7. Drew Newman

    Entire game production in Unity

    I'd beef up the website with more info so people feel like they know who yall are a bit more. Right now it's like a shadow society in there, and I'd be afraid to throw money into that void.   What are the names of the staff? What games have these four professionals worked on? What companies have yall worked for? Where are yall located?    Logo: I would also suggest knocking out a vector version of that logo, it looks like a scanned ink drawing in the large version here. The colors are very neutralized and the facial expression of this Chucklenaut is somewhat aggressive. Using some brighter more saturated colors would at least offset the expression and be a bit more inviting. "give us your money! ...but willingly... ..of course..."   Good luck and welcome to the forums.   -Drew
  8. Drew Newman

    Pixel Art feedback for newbie

    I thought id play around with this in photoshop for a few minutes. Not the greatest pixel art program but manageable.   I removed heavy shadows and added more highlights to the water. It is translucent and doesnt absorb light, just reflect, so there wont be heavy shadows unless it is in a dark container. clear liquid just distorts the color of the objects or containers it occupies, makes the color a bit lighter, and has tons of highlights.   I did a curves pass on your blue tank to bring up the contrast and the detail you put in, which feels way too subtle right now. I'd also recommend looking at patterns for the tracks, and add those to the big rectangles on each side for some nice detail.   And lastly i did a lil pass on the fortress, mimicing the color palette of the middle tank. Some light shadows, thickened cannons, stripe pattern, and softened the thick line in the middle base so the outer wall's line would be the most dominant.   Quick stuff, hope you enjoy and find some further direction!   And if you continue redrawing the fort, go for asymmetry!     Edit: aaah boo it garbled the fort... What site are yall using to upload clean sharp photos? It wouldnt let me link from my google drive or deviantart and i resorted to a private album on facebook to get an image in here..   Edit: I created a tumblr. Hope that works. The fort is much darker on my screen at work..If you want, I can lighten the ground a bit.
  9. Praised be to the all mighty Google! Is it possible to export a pc version of your game? You could probably drop it on kongregate and a few other sites?
  10. Oh my bad. I... won't be able to play it then :( I have a tracphone with tactile keyboard, but it's not a smartphone. I've been avoiding them for years..   Keep us updated! I haven't heard of most of the sites you mentioned, aside from Amazon of course.
  11. From what I've read, you want to be advertising before the game is even out, so you've built up a base of interested people ready to download/purchase when the game goes live.   As far as free advertising, forums and facebook and twitter and tumblr, if you can get people over there.   I would investigate facebook advertising: https://www.facebook.com/advertising/faq   Even if you have ten dollars, you can set an advertising budget, and get charged per click. I haven't done it myself, so I cant speak to experience, but I've been reading up on it for a while as I hope to use it myself once I complete my first game.   Best of luck! I will try to check it out tonight, I can't install anything on my work computer.
  12. Drew Newman

    Feathered Attack (FREE TO PLAY)

    Theres a football helmet, so I'm responding!   I like games where I have to not get shit on, so that sounds like fun.   This is a super small thing, but the animator in me wants to point it out: Nervous finger tapping usually begins with the pinky inward, and action lines should animate outward for at least one more frame to read well (But I dont feel you need them there in the first place, the action is already animated, so action lines aren't warranted).   I also watched the gamedraft video. I have no coding knowledge to share, but I would say the entire tree moving in the background is a distraction. It'd be better off staying still, like trees do. Even if you wanted leaves moving in the wind, at that distance, you're probably better off leaving it as a still.   Have you watched Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds". You may find a lot of inspiration there ;)
  13. Drew Newman

    Random game ideas (one paragraph)

    A Tower Defense game where you are the spawn attacking the castle. There would be multiple creature types that are, of course, strong against certain defenses and weak against others. You'd have a limited number of waves to send out to try and breach the fortress, while the game gets currency off your units to improve it's own structures.   And you could just call the game "Tower Attack".
  14. Drew Newman

    Intro Thread? Intro Thread!

    Aaah man, I never played Starcraft, so the Carbot tubes are goin over my head. I was a huge Heroes of Might and Magic fan, however. I guess that's medieval Starcraft.   I've been blasting ahead on animation and then getn some company work done here at work, though being careful about any files on the HD. Thanks google drive.   I reached out for potential programmers on FB. Hopefully "2D single board turn based PvP strategy game for PC" is descriptive enough! I'm working on checking out Construct and Gamemaker, but I'm still appealed to by Unity's ability to export it's projects out to multiple platforms. Somewhat torn.   I was also advised to hire someone to make a prototype first. From what I've learned so far, the prototype is similar to a rough drawing. quick dirty coding that makes the game functional very quickly, but not the kind of programming that the final game can be built off of.   I was also thinking of gifting some beginner programmers in the beginner area with a photoshop file of artwork that can be used for pong games or whatnot, since that seems to be a fun starting point for a lot of people. I tinkered around for a half hour last night just designing rectangles and spheres. Fun getaway exercise.   Now that I'm in the lounge... anyone watch football here? (American)
  15. Drew Newman

    Intro Thread? Intro Thread!

    I understand, I'll keep an eye on whether this gets moved or not. Sorry if I made any trouble!   I'm about as non-programmer as it gets right now, so I will do my best to balance the ship a little more.    What kind of youtubing you doing Cornstalks?
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