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  1. shadowman13131

    Basic UDP ... wrapper?

    Thanks :) Good luck to you too. That's pretty much what I was looking for. Either flame, or ok-so-far. :P
  2. shadowman13131

    Basic UDP ... wrapper?

    Heyo, I'm just curious if this looks like a decent UDP setup... I mean, it's basic functionality. It doesn't even include any connection handling. It is raw send/receive work. And I was curious what you all thought of the code. It's a VERY straightforward class, look at the header for functionality. It just has sendTo, reliableSendTo, and sequenceSendTo. sendto can have packet loss, reliable always reaches the target, and sequenced sends always arrive in order. Any critique/improvement suggestions of ANYTHING is welcome. I'm just curious what you think of this initial setup. Here are the links: UDPProt.h UDPProt.cpp And a console application that just tests the code... UDPProtocol.cpp Thanks! Walt Woods PS: Note that the SIM_LAG and SIM_LOSS defines are used to simulate (in a somewhat poor fashion) network lag and packet loss. Packet loss is in percent out of 100, and SIM_LAG is double how often in milliseconds to introduce a 350 ms lag. Yeah, SIM_LAG's a sort of bad way of doing it. But it helped fix a bug, so meh. Oh, and if you want to actually use this code, go for it by all means. But do be kind enough to tell me :)
  3. shadowman13131

    Beta-ish Game

    Just a notice, lobby's down until an hour or two before tomorrow's time (8-10 PM Pacific time (GMT-08)) Also note that if you downloaded before, you should get the new zip... Includes a rather important fix :/ Walt [Edited by - shadowman13131 on December 28, 2004 1:01:12 AM]
  4. shadowman13131

    Beta-ish Game

    Thanks man :) I realize that the graphics aren't anything special, but they're getting better... You should have seen them a few months ago ;) As for the description of the game in my first post there, I really don't know how to describe it... Thanks a lot for trying it though, glad you like it! I'm online now by the way, and will be for the next 2 and a half hours or so at least OK all of those errors are fixed. I'm terribly sorry about that ademan, I hope you can make it tomorrow :( I don't get to test with a lot of people very often (usually just me and someone else), so that's why I haven't seen those errors before. And then you kept crashing it when you tried to auto-update :( And I had no way of contacting you... I hope you read this. Terribly sorry bout that [Edited by - shadowman13131 on December 28, 2004 12:32:11 AM]
  5. I suggest you try either some type of LOD (level of display) algorithm, or if you don't want to do that.. Then space out your grid a bit more. If you're not already, you should be storing your vertex array and index array for the heightmap ahead of run-time, and then rendering the whole thing (or chunks of it depending on where the user is looking). Then, if the grid changes, you only need to change one or two vertices and your deformation's all done
  6. shadowman13131

    Raw Model Data .3ds

    Try this site (Yes I know it's cached google) If that doesn't help search for the 3ds ftk it should help. For just a little information, you'll have to save all of your data in catagorized "chunks" with identifying shorts described in that file.. That file gives you the number codes and such. Try reading a 3ds before writing one, then it's just reverse EDIT: Grrr that link crashes my browser, and if that's the case with you too then Google for 3ds_d.rtf and view it as html. You can also e-mail me at shadowman131@comcast.net if you want me to just send you the 2 docs i have on 3ds files
  7. shadowman13131

    static var in DLL

    Just a guess, but do you have a similarly-named variable in your Exe? That could cause conflicts.. Are you trying to access the variable from the exe directly?
  8. shadowman13131

    Beta-ish Game

    Heya, Here is a game I've been working on for a long time.. It is named "Shadow Armada" and has been in progress since last christmas actually, with a couple month break up until about a month ago. Anyway, the current version is about 0.42, and it's pretty fun to play (With people anyway, the computers are only moderately challenging). Look at the ReadMe.txt if you don't understand how to play, it's got a quick&dirty tutorial that should hopefully get the job done. It also tells you about lobby accounts a bit. On a what-it-is note, Shadow Armada is a simultaneous turn-based action game. Which may make no sense. You have a fleet of ships (usually 3) which you lead into combat against other ships. All of the ships and missiles move at the same time, but the action freezes after each "turn" to allow the player to plot out his next move. The frozen state lasts for about 30 seconds on average. Features: Computers that are trained via Genetic Algorithms OpenGL, DirectInput, FMod, Tokamak Full-functioning editor that is VERY useful (Careful if you change anything. Lobby'll wipe it) 36 Different Missiles 14 Different Ships Hopefully balanced Nice lobby, stats logging, experience and upgrades Auto-update (via lobby) Suggestion box in lobby So give it a try, and leave a message in the suggestions box or something. I'll try to be online and in the lobby the 27th between 8 and 10 PM Pacific time (GMT-08) and the 28th the same times.. I can't guarantee anything beyond that. The lobby will be up as much as possible (I have to switch between running off of my computer and my parents' once in while..) And, if you have any suggestions, either here or in the suggestions box would be very very very nice :) Note that if you have problems joining another person's game and they have a router, they'll need to open port 20535 UDP & TCP Shadow Armada Page AIM: wwww1000 -Walt [Edited by - shadowman13131 on December 27, 2004 1:52:42 PM]
  9. shadowman13131

    Finished game feedback

    Hey, Your game is freakishly polished :) Congrats! It's a nice little game... You did good choosing something short & sweet :)
  10. OK there are so many arguments for both sides, why don't you just pick one? Both approaches obviously work, it's just how you like doing them.
  11. shadowman13131

    Pet peeves

    Score one for the if (...) { } Team!
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