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    HTML5 for game UI?

      Garry Newman is using Coherent UI in Rust, which is HTML5-based multi-platform user interface engine for games. There are already hundreds of projects using Coherent UI which proves the stability of HTML5-based plugin in game UI. You can check Planetary Annihilation by Uber Entertainment, which UI is 100% powered by Coherent.     Integrating CEF is a good alternative, especially for small projects. We've investigated it in a details and wrote an analysis on What should developers consider when using Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF) in their games? I would love to hear your feedback on it. Please find it here
  2. In this short video we take a look at the binding mechanisms that Coherent UI provides for Unity3D. We’ll explore the different ways to pass data from JavaScript to C# and vice versa. The example shown demonstrates how easy it is to pass messages back and forth between your game and the UI. You’ll get to know the basics of the binding which will allow you to create rich and powerful game interfaces.   You can watch the video here   Spoiler alert: currently we’re making a more practical example of creating a more realistic UI for an existing game. We browsed through the tons of available JavaScript libraries and chose some of them to reuse and also added some widgets of our own. We’re very excited about it so stay tuned mid-october     
  3.   Hello everyone, we would like to present to you our first training video for Unity3D. This tutorial covers the basics of using the Coherent UI package, from importing and installing the package to assigning UI Views to different surfaces. You'll see how to render your HTML files projected on the camera or on a 3D object inside the world of your game. You'll also learn how to use our custom coui protocol to display files from your local filesystem.    We'll put the cherry on the top by showing you a peek at the Coherent UI Debugger which allows live editing of your HTML. It gives you much more flexibility than you'll see in the video of course, but showing them requires a tutorial of it's own... which is coming soon   You can watch the video tutorial here.    For the purposes of this video tutorial, we have used our Standard package of Coherent UI. You can request your free trial from here, or purchase a Mobile, Basic, Standard or Pro version of Coherent UI for Unity3D from here. Please stay tuned for more video tutorials, coming out soon   
  4. We, at Coherent Labs are very pleased to inform you that our last couple of weeks of intensive development and testing have resulted in a new product release. Coherent UI Mobile Beta is now available with both - iOS and Android support. Those of you, who are using Basic or Standard version of Coherent UI will receive the complete mobile support as a free update.     Try our product now and take advantage of the 30% discount which is still available during the Beta period and thus buy Coherent UI Mobile for 70$ only. Coherent UI Mobile features: - In-game browser - Easy exposure of game objects to the UI - Hardware-accelerated CSS3, canvas and WebGL - Fully functional preview on Windows and Mac OS X - iOS and Android support. All versions of Coherent UI for Unity3D are published on the Asset Store.
  5. We at Coherent Labs, have always been working towards one main goal - to meet your needs and provide a great solution, no matter if you are developer, artist or producer. Less than two weeks ago we released our Mobile Beta version for Unity3D and now we have already prepared something new for you.   We are glad to introduce you our new standalone product - Coherent UI for .NET.     Main features:   .Net API for the native Coherent UI library fully cross-platform web browser control for WinForms, WPF and MonoGTK, covering Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. automatic binding of C# objects to the JavaScript universe.   Coherent UI for .Net browser control allows you to embed a browser inside your .Net application and still run on all desktop platforms using a single API. Coherent UI for .Net provides standards compliant HTML5 browser with SSL support. Coherent UI for .Net also integrates seamlessly in your XNA, MonoGame, SharpDX or SlimDX game with the complete features of the native library. You can use Coherent UI for .Net to add HTML5 user interface, in-game browser and video player to your game or integrate it with the social networks. The professional version is available for purchase on our website for $899. We also encourage you to try our Trial version, which is available for download here.
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