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  1. pTymN

    A question about coloring grayscale game sprites

    This is a glsl fragment shader that maps magenta to another color, taking the magenta's brightness and alpha into consideration.
  2. pTymN

    Neural networks fundamentally flawed?

    Neural nets are flawed, if we define flawed to mean "does not follow the model the brain provides". Dendrites are seen as simple signal absorbers from the neurons they touch, but they actually perform filtering functions. This is probably a very crucial step, and it has an implication about the role and meaning of a neuron. Essentially, instead of weights and thresholds, the actual brain uses conditions and signals.
  3. I think that I have the basis for a solution. I needed to convert from my turn speed to the curvature, the curvature to a circle radius, and finally the circle radius to acceleration towards the center of that circle.
  4. If I have a Px(t) = At^3 + Bt^2 + Ct + 0 and Py(t) = 0 for my character's position while running and a constant radians/second that my character can turn, how can I transform that into an explicit formula for Px(t) and Py(t) after turning is applied? Is this related to fresnel and euler spirals or track transition curves? Much thanks to anyone who can give me a strong kick in the right direction. Edit: I figured out a piece, that I ought to be figuring out P''x(t) and P''y(t) instead of thinking about curves at all.
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